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Leak detection

What is a water leak detection report? It is a comprehensive analysis of the causes, and source of water. Focus, and potential solutions for water leakage in any given area.

The report is created by experts who survey the area and use advanced testing techniques to identify the root cause of the problem. They then give recommendations on how best to tackle it. These reports are used by property owners and other authorities to identify problem areas and find ways to solve waterproofing issuses.

Why do you need a leak detection report?

Leak inspections are performed by a waterproofing specialist to assess the property and identify traces of water leakages. Failure to conduct leak inspections can cause inefficiencies, undetected problem spots, repetitive work, and property damage.

leak detection report

How technology can help effectively perform leak inspections and what Benefits of having a leak detection report?

  • Assess the property
  • Detect the origin of leaks and secure the area
  • Identify the cause of water seepage
  • Estimate the timeline of repair
  • Document progress and share real-time reports

Leak inspection checklist for leak detection report

This leak inspection checklist is used to evaluate pipeline systems for possible leakage and help determine possible causes. It is used by certified plumbers to document leak findings and recommended solutions. Maximize the use of this checklist by following the points below:

  1. Describe the work to be done;
  2. Assess the property and its structure;
  3. Record the location and causes of leaks;
  4. Provide recommendations and estimated timeline of repair; and
  5. Affix digital signatures of both officer and plumber in charge to validate the inspection.

Our method and technology for Leak Detection Report

We have qualified technicians that are experienced in their field. We can assist in locating leaks and also provide a detailed report on how to rectify the issue. Leak detection report are designed to clarify the waterproofing/leak issue on your project. This enables you and related trades to understand how the problem has occurred and customise a solution, preventing further water ingress into your investment.

Water Leak Detection Report

When providing a report we provide an independent and impartial assessment of the problem. These reports can sometimes inadvertently find that a builder or other contractor is responsible for your water ingress issues. Our aim is to provide the platform and opportunity to solve the issue rather than place blame. All reports are written from a professional point of view and we are only interested in finding the correct long-term sustainable waterproofing solution for your project.

To assist us with a more accurate assessment we can also perform live flood tests and scan the areas with a state-of-the-art thermal imaging machine.


How do you check for leak detection report?

Easy Steps for Water Leak Detection
Answer: Water leak detection can be done with a few easy steps. First, inspect common sources of water leaks. This includes checking underneath sinks and behind toilets for visible signs of water damage such as discolouration on the walls or flooring. Then look outside your home for any wet areas near outdoor spigots, faucets, and pipes. Finally, use a moisture detector to scan for leaks in hard-to-check spots like inside walls.
Steps for Leak Detection report and Water Loss Control

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