Joint repairs and concrete slab edge refurbishments in Singapore

Damaged, separated concrete slab joints can slow down forklift traffic. Travelling over damaged expansion joints and contraction/control joints is hard on all parts of your forklift. Frequent repairs and wheel replacements can lead to excessive expenses and loss of valuable operation time.



The Singapore Waterproofing team has completed many joint repairs and concrete slab edge refurbishments on hardstands and concrete floors at some of the biggest distribution centres, warehouses and manufacturing plants in Singapore over the years.


In warehouse and distribution facilities, the best industrial concrete floor is one that provides a smooth, hard, interruption-free platform for operations.


In an otherwise continuous surface, concrete floors must have joints. Each joint is a potential impact point for hard wheels, pallets, and forklift tongs. They are able to operate at their best speed when they run over uninterrupted floors, thus achieving their intended productivity rate.

Warehouse slabs, cold-room floors and driveways are subject to impact damage from forklifts – especially electric forklifts. The small, solid rubber wheels impact upon joint shoulders and any small imperfections on the slab. Often these areas will “grow” rapidly and become a potential risk for operators, the forklift and stock.

Whilst working around traffic at the facilities, Singapore Waterproofing always put the health and safety of everyone on-site first without compromising on quality and delivery time.

We offer joint edge repair solutions with minimal disruption and downtime. We achieve this using correct repair techniques and high-build rapid setting concrete repair mortar that develops an integral bond to existing concrete and restores structural integrity within hours of placement.

The joint repair systems are specifically designed to withstand crack and joint movement due to expansion or contraction. The process includes expert repair of concrete joint edges prior to the installation of our recommended system.

 Providing concrete joint repair starts with an inspection and assessment to determine underlying issues and propose solutions that are in line with the facility function of the warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing plant.


There is no standard floor design because each industrial floor has a variety of demands placed upon it depending on the material handling vehicle type, load weights, frequency of traffic, site conditions, environment etc. Hardstands accommodate frequent heavy vehicle traffic and internal warehouse floors joints are subject to impact damage from material handling vehicles. As an example, high rack lifts place higher demands on floor joints due to their smaller, harder wheels and increased point loads.