Is Polyurethane Foam Void Fill Quick and Affordable?

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Erosion caused by the movement of water can lead to many structural issues on a residential property.  Water can wash away improper fill and undermine the substrate below a slab.  This can cause cracking on the slab or on a masonry exterior and lead to structural and cosmetic issues.

The back patio and three season room addition had begun to sink due to improper dirt work and erosion. The goal of the repair was to fill the voids under the structure with a high strength polyurethane void fill foam to reduce or eliminate further water ingress and to provide structural support for the sinking slab and structure.

The project required a quick, time-sensitive , minimal invasive and comparatively low cost solution.

After the injection cured foam was observed as it had emerged from fissures in the surrounding soil during the injection process. Although not a primary objective in this comparatively low cost repair, a slight lift of the structure was achieved.

System Used

Polyurethane void fill and polyjacking foam was pumped through the pneumatic dual component pump, and injected through head Packers for maximum material flow.

Powered by a 4 CFM air compressor, the SLP-2C was able to successfully deliver the 1640 foam below the slab and successfully fill the void and stabilize the slab.


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