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Injection Packer Spacing

Mechanical injection packer spacing (port spacing) in the case of leak-seal crack injection varies depending on site conditions such as crack width, substrate thickness, water flow and product properties.

In many situations 8“ (20 cm) to 1’ (30 cm) on center is good distance to start with. Hairline cracks will require tighter spacing as product won‘t be able to travel as far. The tighter the cracks the closer the spacing needs to be.

Injection Packer Placement

Whenever possible, injection packers should be staggered by alternating the drill holes left / right along the crack and drilling in a 45 degree angle towards the crack, thus creating a stitch grouting pattern. This technique increases the chances of actually intersecting the crack while drilling and decreases the chances of cracking and spalling the concrete during packer installation or during the high pressure injection process. Injection should start from the bottom moving upwards.

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