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Superior Hose Injection System 

Injection Hose Advantage


Concrete joints are waterproofed and sealed using the Inject Tube Hose System, as well as cracks or voids surrounding the joint. This method ensures that joints are watertight. Waterstop technology in the Injection Tube Hose System is improving toward zero leak tolerance.  Easy to install, Injection Tube has a competitive price point.

Injection Hose Design


With a proven track record, the Inject Tube System 2 is a high-quality and competitively priced injection hose system. The Inject Tube 2 has a solid perforated PVC core and is enclosed in two woven membranes, preventing contamination and clogging and ensuring even distribution of sealant throughout the joint during the injection process.

Injectable Waterstop for Cold Joints & Construction Joints


In concrete structures, cold joints and construction joints are vulnerable to leaking and cracking caused by water penetration. Ingress of water can lead to structural damage, corrosion of rebars and expansion cracks, frost and thaw damage, and adverse health effects caused by mold and fungi.

What is a Cold Joint?


During the concrete pouring process, a cold joint is formed when fresh and existing concrete meet.  The old and new concrete do not adhere well to each other, resulting in a cold joint.  In cold joints, the original batch of concrete begins to set (or is fully cured) before the next fresh batch is added. There is no strong bond between the two batches and this creates a passageway for water to migrate between the batches. 

Injection Hose Applications

  • Water Stop and Leak-Seal Caulk for Cold Joints / Construction Joints
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Slabs on Grade
  •  Tunnels and culverts
  • Dams, Canals
  • Pipe penetrations

Injection Hose  Application Advantages

  • Works on Smooth, Rough, Irregular Concrete Substrates
  • Horizontal & Vertical poured-in-place Concrete Joints
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Retro-fit and New Construction
  • Can withstand high Hydrostatic Pressures
  • Back-up Solution for Combination with Conventional Waterstops
  • Easy to Secure and Install
  • InjectTube 1 – Re-Injectable with injection acrylate resins
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