Hydrophilic Waterstops Joint Sealing Strips

Swell Tape – Hydrophilic Waterstop that Forms a Hydro Active Compression Seal by Expansion

Providing the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions for water containment requirements, Le Fong offers a variety of hydrophilic waterstops. When infiltrating water contacts SwellTape strips, they swell. As the expanding material pushes against the substrate surfaces, a waterproof barrier is created. It can be used in joints between diverse materials since swelling hydrophilic waterstops are not dependent on adhesion to the substrate.

Strip-applied, hydrophilic polymer waterstop tape for waterproofing concrete joints, Swell Tape is a highly versatile, modern product. With its hydrophilic polymers encapsulated in a rubber base, Le Fong Swell Tape creates a highly effective, durable, moisture-activated, swellable compression seal.

Swell Tapes from Le Fong are used for sealing construction joints, pipe penetrations, manhole joints, precast segments, cold joints, tunnel segment joints, and poured wall joints. Material swells in the presence of moisture or water thereby creating a compression seal.