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Stop That Leaking Shower… WITHOUT REMOVING TILES!
Leaky shower? Le Fong specialists can waterproof your leaking showers without the need to remove tiles. This is made possible using an exclusive waterproofing system to seal wet areas and shower screens and revitalize the shower or bathroom area.

water leakage water leakage

Your shower repair specialist technician will:

water leakage water leakage

    • Look for signs of water penetration around the leaking shower or bath.
    • Visually inspect the interior of the leaky shower or bath for signs of damage or deterioration.
    • If they suspect a plumbing problem, they should perform a water pressure test.
    • You should remove any moldy or deteriorated sealants, such as silicon.
    • The walls should be stripped of existing grout where necessary. (They do not remove grout based on sand and cement, or grout that may be damaging to the tiles). It is extremely difficult to remove cement-based grout without scratching/breaking your existing tiles, which is usually dark grey in color.
    • If necessary, remove any damaged grout from the floor area. Most floors are made of sand and cement.
    • Grout should be stripped from around the drain (waste) section, as needed.
    • With special preparation technology, prepare floor and wall junctions.
    • Prepared areas should be cleaned of all waste materials and excess dustWhenever necessary, regrout the walls and replace cracked grout on the floor..
    • Re-grout walls where necessary, replace damaged floor grout as necessary. Use waterproof grout.
    • To prevent water from running under the shower screen, silicon the internal areas.
    • If necessary, seal all junctions and drain areas (waste). It’s designed to withstand the normal movement of a building, when combined with superior preparation technology.
    • Use special sealant on the floor and walls of the leaky shower or bath area. Sealants are painted or sprayed on floor and wall tiles, forming a waterproof barrier beneath the grout. This soaks in and waterproofs porous surfaces like grout lines and hairline cracks. There will be no dirt or grime trapped under the sealant.
    • Clean and tidy the workspace after removing all tools


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