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Many Homeowners with Poured-in-Place Concrete Foundations will find Cracks in their Basement Walls on Closer Inspection

Basement cracks develop by drying shrinkage, thermal movement, and other causes. If minor, they will cause no immediate problems. But over time, minor cracks often grow larger and cause major headaches, including reduced structural integrity or water leakage.

Homeowners with a leaky basement can have these cracks fixed permanently. Often without costly, disruptive excavation by using pressure injection with epoxy resin or water activated, hydro-active polyurethane foam repair materials.


By sealing smaller cracks with a DIY Crack Repair Kit, the homeowner may save a significant amount of money. Even if a crack is not leaking yet, eventually water might find a way through it. We supply commercial grade epoxy resins and leak seal water activated polyurethane foams for all types of foundation crack and wall crack repairs.

Crack injection has been performed and improved on for several decades. In many cases, crack injection will fix the problem. The injection procedure will permit to fill the crack in full, from front to back, with epoxy resin  or polyurethane grout. Injection has shown to be effective for filling cracks from 0.001 to over 2 inches wide. It can also be used to fill cracks in concrete floors and ceilings.

In most cases homeowners can have these cracks fixed permanently without costly, disruptive excavation—using pressure injection of epoxy resin or polyurethane water stop foam repair materials.

Many Concrete Block Walls Leak

You may find damp areas in your block wall or even active leakage from grout lines in your wall. Check the perimeter of your wall and the cold joints where the wall meets with the foundation or floor for leaks. Fresh concrete does not bond well to existing concrete – a cold joint is created. If not properly waterproofed, a cold joint will be a passageway for water migration.


We offer Do It Yourself Kits for Basement Leak Repair

Polyurethane and epoxy injection are water stop, leak seal and structural repair systems used by thousands of applicators world wide. Basic product knowledge helps users and specifiers to reduce possible problems. The right injection technology should be identified before the project is started. This brief overview is designed as a basic guideline for your decision making.

We encourage you to call with any questions you might have. Our technical staff will gladly assist you with your projects.

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