How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season in Singapore

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As you can see, the weather in Singapore is pretty unpredictable. In Singapore, there are only two seasons: hot and rainy. In terms of maintaining our homes in good condition every time, we are very proactive, but neglecting the exterior is often the case. When water leaks on our walls, that’s when we scramble to get help from professionals. 

We have gathered some tips for maintaining your home during the rainy season in this article. This will serve as a checklist to keep us from worrying too much, and even if the weather suddenly changes in the middle of the night, we will still be able to sleep soundly. 

  • Check the Roof
    Rainy seasons can cause damage to our roof, so preparing it for the coming weather should be one of our top priorities. It is important to inspect the roof before the upcoming rainy days to make sure it will be able to handle them.

    Inspecting the roof to look for signs of damage and pooling can help us determine if there are any repairs needed before the rain arrives to ensure our roof remains undamaged. In case of signs of damage, impaired shingles as an example, we shall have our roof inspection completed to determine if there are further problems and how much they would cost to repair. Consulting a roof waterproofing professional in Singapore could be our next step for a thorough checkup of our roofs.

  • Clean the Gutters
    After cleaning the gutters, we need to maintain them since they guide the rain away from our home. When they are blocked, water can pool in the wrong place and even flow back into our house. 

    Before anything else, make sure that the gutters are free of leaves, sticks, and other debris. In order to maintain a functioning gutter, this step is essential. Also, it must be a practice to check our gutters before or after a rainfall or a storm. Get gutter and roof experts to help with gutter maintenance and stay safe by contacting them. 

  • Check our Ceiling
    After working outside our house, the next thing we should do is check the inside. Particularly, the first thing we must inspect is our ceiling. Checking if there are signs of water rings, molds, or ceiling discoloration is necessary to keep our home safe from the rainfall.
    As mentioned, it is vital to take action about ceiling leakage before any further damages happen. One of the signs of ceiling leakage is the peeling, cracking, or bubbling of the paint that is caused by excessive moisture. This can happen in both the interior and exterior of the house causing peels or cracks that are easily noticeable.  To ensure that we are doing the proper maintenance of our ceiling, consulting a professional waterproofing solutions service may be an option.
  • Check Windows and Doors
    Aside from our roof, doors and windows are also ways that water can enter our home. Making sure that they are working properly and completely sealed are vital steps to determine if repair or maintenance is needed.
  • Clearing of walkways and check the drainage
    One of the main reasons for floods is garbage. Make sure that our wastes and trash are properly disposed on a regular basis to prevent our walkways from litter. Then, have also the time to check the drainage if the water is passable. If not, we may seek assistance from the town council to address it properly to prevent flooding or seek consultation with the experts for more tips.
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