How to Permanently Waterproof Tilt-Up Panel Joints with Polyurethane Grout

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Tilt-up Construction Joints are Typically Caulked

Caulks usually fail over time, break open, and let water into the structure. Caulk failure may be evident by shrinkage of the sealant bead, delamination (caulk no longer adheres to the surface), cracking of the caulk bead, or powdering or dusting of the caulking surface.

How to Create a New Full-Depth Joint Seal

In contrast to caulk, 1570 Polyurethane Leak Sealing Resin soaked fibre provides a full-depth bond and prevents leaks permanently. ‘Oakum Soakum Technique’ is a proven method for installing polyurethane chemical grout – creating a seal that is unaffected by wetness, dryness, even in constant water submersion.

How to Prepare the Joint

Prior to any remedial repair, the existing, failed caulk has to be removed, and the joint needs to be free of any debris. The joint then needs to be wetted for the water activated grout to react, expand, and cure.


How to Protect and Finish the Seal for Cosmetic Appearance

After the foam has cured, any surplus of the foam/oakum seal is cut back and finished with an even bead of caulk to provide UV resistance and achieve a matching surface appearance to the other caulked joints.

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