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Installing bathroom glass panels not only brings an aesthetic look but also a new idea to help your bathroom look more luxurious and clean.

The amazing thing about this project is that you can do it by yourself having just some basic knowledge of tools and equipment.

Some shower doors are available in the market with a pivot. These shower doors have pre-scored marks and holes, which speeds up the process of installation. Grabbing a helping hand for installation is highly advised because the glass shower doors can be heavy and fragile.

However, if you don’t feel DIYing it, you can simply ask for a professional’s assistance to install your shower doors.

Why installing glass shower doors is a good idea?

While searching for options to create a sensational bathroom outlook or to remodel already existing features, you are probably confused – whether to adopt traditional curtains to secure privacy or go with the modern trends of installing glass shower doors. Obviously, you have some specific requirements and are fully aware of the changes you need in your bathroom décor. But, hold on! Whether you choose shower curtains, open walk-in bathrooms, or prefer shower door installation; you must go through all the facts to make the right decision.

Here, in this in-depth guide, we’ll explain in details the benefits of shower doors, why this would be a better option for your bathroom décor, and compare shower doors with shower curtains. We’ll also explain the step-by-step process of how you can install a shower door in small spaces as a DIY project.

Benefits of glass shower doors

Shower doors are getting more popularity because of their bundle of useful traits. You can decorate your shower areas with curtains as well. However, before making any decision take a look at the facts below:

  • Glass shower enclosures help to illuminate the entire bathroom by reflecting natural/artificial light.
  • It creates a sense of spacious and large bathroom.
  • Keep adequate ventilation and atmosphere by installing a glass shower door that separates the entire bathroom from the shower area.
  • Stay away from wet and messy bathrooms, lock the water and steam inside your shower areas and enjoy a mess-free dry bathroom.
  • Arguably, the more important reason is, it looks pretty. When you separate your shower from the entire bathroom, it creates a sense of privacy and elegance.

So, should you go for glass shower enclosures or traditional shower curtains?

Well, as far as turnabout between shower doors and shower curtains is concerned, we always recommend going for the shower doors.

Here’s why.

You may like traditional shower curtains, as they look pretty as well as take care of your privacy. But, how do you like seeing every time after a shower, water keeps dripping from the shower curtain and turning your bathroom wet and messy?

Not much, right?

This is one of the key reasons why people are switching to glass shower screen instead of shower curtains. Shower curtains usually darken the bathroom and give the bathroom ambiance a clumsy feel. It cuts down the light and allows little light to pass through. Also, in many cases, glass enclosures help save more water as it does not absorb too much like curtains. Although you may find shower curtains with different colors, shades, patterns, and designs, long-term usability matters most at the end of the day.

Installing glass shower door – can it be a DIY project?

Of course!

Even if you’re handling a small space, you can install a glass shower door. With an easy-to-install kit, installation of a glass shower enclosure is a pretty straightforward project. Anyone with basic knowledge of standard tools and equipment can handle the project solely.

However, if you are inexperienced with such tools and the usage, DIYing a shower door might not be a wise call for you. Even for small spaces, you need to have some basic knowledge of tools and bolts. And suppose you are planning to install a glass shower enclosure for a larger space like the bathroom attached with the master bedroom. In that case, you must consult a professional to avoid any damage or injury.

Is DIYing a glass shower enclosure too complicated?

Not exactly.

To avoid any difficulty while installing a shower door, make sure to buy the pre-scored traditional shower doors. They will make the process relatively straightforward and simple. However, installing frameless shower doors is a bit more complicated than a conventional shower door. Lately, get a pair of extra hands to help you out. You’ll need it eventually.

Quick tips for installing shower doors in a small space

If you’re planning to save some money and install your shower door by yourself, go ahead with the project (again, only if you have experience in handling basic tools and kits).

Small spaces are easy to handle as compared to larger areas. They make the DIY project simple and easy. The first thing you need to know is the precise measurements of your bathroom. Installing a customized shower enclosure can be a little tricky, so try to avoid it. Use the pre-made shower doors with the calculated hinges and scored holes. It will help you and speed up your DIY project.

Step-by-step Guide to install a glass shower door

By following these 5 simple steps, you can easily install the glass shower door by yourself:

  1. Measure the space accurately
  2. Drill the holes on the wall
  3. Hold the stationary glass panels together
  4. Attach the swing door panel to the side rail
  5. Install the shower door sweep on the bottom

Here’s a quick visual to give you a clearer idea.

Tools required to install the glass shower door

Before starting the installation, you need to gather all the required tools. All these tools materials are common items in your house, so you don’t have to go overboard and purchase these separately. It will save money and keep you busy in a positive way. DIY projects always lift the mood and keep the negative thoughts at bay.

  • Hammer
  • Steel screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood shims
  • Tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Anchors
  • Silicone sealant
  • Power drill
  • Drill screws

Step-1: Measure the space accurately 

First, you have to measure the space precisely. Keep in mind that any inaccurate measurement can cost you a lot of trouble and money. To avoid any trouble afterwards, you need to score the precise measurements beforehand so that you can carry out the project without any trouble.

Step-2: Drill the holes and set the side rails

Drill the holes on the sides of the walls where the side rails need to be placed. After drilling, rub the silicone at the threshold piece. Make sure to adjust and place the side rails in the proper place. In the pre-drilled holes, put a plastic anchor. After placing the side rails, use screws to attach the whole thing.

Step-3: Use rubber spacers to hold the door

The rubber spacers are used to increase the distance between two objects that should be fastened together. With the help of rubber, spacers hold the stationary side of the door. With these rubber spacers, you can lock the water inside the shower door and allow easy opening and closing.

Step-4: Attach the swing door panel to the side rails

Place and slide the stationary panel of the door along the threshold. After this, attach the top and center rail to the side panel.

With the help of a shim, press the glazing strip into the channel on both sides of the door and say goodbye to leakage worries! These glazing or seal strips help to prevent air as well as water leakage.

Step-5: Fasten the hinges to the bottom rail

Bring the swing door first, and then attach the hinges to the bottom rail. Press and hold the door and snap it into the place.

Wrapping up

Installing a shower door by yourself can be done with some basic knowledge of tools. Again, remember to take precise measurements before starting your project. Use pre-scored traditional doors instead of frameless or framed shower doors to avoid any complications. If all steps are followed correctly, the task should be within a couple of hours.

And now, you have a fantastic replacement for traditional shower curtains to brighten your bathroom. Have fun!

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