How to find a good roofing contractor in Singapore?

Finding Roofing Contractors that are a cut above the rest.

Hitting the pavement or the phone to find out who can deliver a building project can be stressful. When it comes to designing, constructing or restoring a roof it’s important to find the right team. There are a lot of moving parts to any residential, commercial or restorative project. Finding a team who can fit in with your builder, subcontractor, insurer, Architect and with you, is critical in making the process as smooth as possible.

roofing contractors roofing contractors

Roofing contractors who are qualified, reliable, professional and know how to fit into your build are hard to find but are well worth looking for. So, to get your search underway, here is the Top Tips to make sure your roofing team that are a cut above the rest.

1. Ask the Locals

When you are beginning to look for the right roofing contractor, ask around and get referrals from people in your local area. Local knowledge goes a long way especially when it comes to codes and regulations for that council or district. Asking the locals what problems they had and how their contractor overcame them will help you down the track. If you’re developing a high end project or commercial project, then contacting the local council for regular suppliers also helps. Going local also can save money on shipping supplies and materials and can reduce the cost of the build.

2. Get Comprehensive warranty

Not all roofing contractors are the same and not all contractors offer warranties that contain a comprehensive coverage that covers the workmanship of the contractor.

If your roofing contractors doesn’t offer this kind of warranty then the red flags should be going up. It may take years for the damage that they did to surface, and insurances won’t cover the cost of a repair &/or replacement. Better to be covered upfront than pay for mistakes later.

3. Check they are licensed and fully insured

The roofing contractor that you employ should have of all of the appropriate insurance for themselves and all of their subcontractors and employees. Ask your contractor to show you a copy of their insurance documents and certificates and check they are up-to-date.

Although all states in Australia require contractors to have the appropriate licenses, this doesn’t stop some “roofing” contractors from trying to work on a roof without a license. If you find your roofing contractor doesn’t have the correct insurance, you should seek legal advice (if you can’t back out of the work).

4. If it’s an emergency. Check what you can claim

Not all roofing projects are for renovations, commercial buildings and new home builds. Sometimes it’s for the unexpected times when a roof needs urgent repairs. Make sure you call your insurance company first to check what you can claim for – you’ll be surprised what’s covered (and what’s not). The contracted work will either be organised by your insurer or you may be asked to do some of the leg work. Either way, check with them first to know what to do next.

5. Negotiate. If you don’t ask, you don’t get

Haggling down the last nut and bolt isn’t what we’re suggesting here. The art of negotiation boils down to doing one thing well – asking for what you want. That means not signing a contract if it’s not covering the terms of your agreement. It also calling time out to check over the contract and terms (and check with third parties like insurers). The old “get three quotes” still rings true today so make sure you have a comparison quotes to leverage against when it comes time to ask your preferred contractor for a fair market price.

6. Choose your materials wisely

When you are choosing your roofing contractor, find out if they have the variety of roofing options that you need for your project. Be fully informed about what materials they have on offer. There are many different types and styles out there and the function and form of your home will be completely changed with the right kind of roof. Research the different materials that you like, such as zinc, copper, aluminium etc, and make sure your contractor can supply you with them. If they can’t, it’s time to look for a new contractor.

roofing contractors roofing contractors

No matter how big or small your project is finding the right contractor is an in investment in time, money and trust.