How to Clean your Awning

How to Clean Your Awning
We are often asked by our customers how to clean an awning and what they need to do to look after their new house awning to keep it looking new for longer. Whilst all of our house awnings are of a very high quality and will look fabulous for a long time, here is our guide on how to clean an awning with care and some tips that will help you to keep your awning looking its best…
How to Clean an Awning – 4 Steps
1. Use warm soapy water
Fill a bucket with warm soapy water and gently wipe the awning fabric and frame clean with a cloth. If the awning is really dirty, try using a recommended awning shampoo. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or bleach as these will harm the awning fabric.
2. Scrub the fabric, but not too hard
Use a soft bristled brush and work the dirt off very gently. If the dirt is particularly stubborn and you need to scrub your awning, don’t scrub at the fabric vigorously, as you’ll risk scratching the fabric or frame and damaging them in the long term. Take your time and let the soap do all of the hard work.
3. Allow the awning to dry naturally
Make sure the awning is completely dry before rolling it up and putting it away for a long period of time. This will prevent any moisture from getting trapped inside the awning bracket which could cause mildew buildup or rust problems. It’s best to choose a warm dry day to carry out the biannual clean so that the fabric can dry naturally.
4. Treat with a waterproofing spray
Use a specially formulated waterproofing spray to refresh the waterproof layer once your house awning is clean and dry. This will help the fabric to repel any water and prevent any rotting or mildew build up. Ask our expert team for advice on what products to use.
How often to clean your awning
We recommend cleaning your awning at the start and end of the summer season which is when you are most likely to be using it. A clean at the start of the summer will clear away any dirt that has built up over the winter and a clean at the end of the summer will prevent any damage occurring whilst it is rolled up over the winter.
During the summer season, it’s also a good idea to give your awning a quick rinse once a month just to remove any loose dirt and stop it building up or bedding into the fabric. This will make your end of season clean so much easier too!
In essence, high quality House Awnings don’t need much looking after but by following these simple cleaning tips you’ll help to keep your awning looking and working at its best for longer. If you want to know more, just ask us for more advice when fitting your awning.