How to choose the best awning?

A good awning will help you have a stable health, avoid harmful UV rays and also improve the aesthetics of your place.

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Restaurant and café owners will be able to benefit significantly by installing awnings out there. Awnings will also safeguard the outdoor furniture and window frames from the elements while enabling you to enjoy the outside view from within your residence.

In this article, we will throw some light on what are the best awnings that you can select for your residence or commercial establishment.

1. Material

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The best awnings on the market are manufactured from aluminum and fabric at present. Although outdoor fabrics are available in different types of colors, they need more maintenance as compared to aluminum ones. On the other hand, the aluminum awnings are sturdy but do not enable us to make much customization when it comes to colors and design.

2. Side panels

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Side panels can be considered to be an additional feature of the top-quality awnings which are available on the market. These panels will help to change the architectural look and feel of the awnings to a great extent. They will also help to provide coverage in case more protection or shade is required.

3. Angle

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An awning’s angle will be something that individuals need to consider as well. The drop size for windows which are facing east or west should be approximately 70% for optimal performance. However, less coverage will be required for a south-facing window, and therefore the drop size can be only about 50%.

4. Retractable, stationary, or freestanding

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You should also consider the type of awning in case you like to go for quality. Retractable and rollup awnings will enable you to control them which implies that it will be possible for you to get maximum sunlight if required. For this reason, retractable awnings will be ideal for decks or patios so that you can adjust it while it is not being used. It is very easy to retract the awning thanks to the presence of a motor and switches. Sophisticated models come with automated wind and sun sensors implying that there is no need to tinker with the awning in case there is a change in the weather.

In the event of any bad weather, it will be sensible to retract the awnings to prevent them from getting damaged.

These days, freestanding awnings are used on a wide scale for decks, patios, and terraces. They will help to segment an area effectively which implies that in case you’d like to designate a separate space for the BBQ they will come of use to you. Freestanding awnings are also quite popular amongst businesses given that they can be utilized for doubling up as an ad.

5. Style

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You’ll come across different styles of awnings at present which will match the overall appearance of your business or residence. Some well-known styles consist of double bar standard, dome-style, quarter barrel, waterfall, semi-circular entrance, and gable walkway. It will be sensible to take the advice of an architect for figuring out which style is going to match the design of your business or residence.

6. Color

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The best awning will come with the appropriate color that compliments the overall appearance of your business or home. In general, lighter colors are more preferable since they will be able to block and also reflect sunlight as well as heat.

7. Size

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It is a fact that your awning’s size will be depending on the size of your space as well as the purpose for which it is being used. While a small awning might appear quite attractive, a bigger awning is going to offer greater coverage as well as shade to an outdoor space.


While selecting the best awning for your residence or commercial establishment, make sure that it matches the overall appearance of your property. Let us hope that the above-mentioned article will help you to select the best awning out there.

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