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The Process of Installing Epoxy Flake Floor: Step by step

Are you planning to replace your Brisbane garage or driveway flooring with something that is durable and can take a heavier load? Try installing an Epoxy flake coating. It will give the area a unique and modern look while ensuring the longevity of your floor.

Not familiar with this type of flooring? Here is a complete guide on the process of installing an epoxy flake floor.

What is Epoxy flake coating?

The epoxy flake coating is a multi-layered new advanced technique of floor finishing or floor covering using dry flakes or chips of paint, metal, or vinyl and base coat creating a smooth, durable and multi-colour finish. Flake floor coats come in a wide range of sizes, colours, styles, and textures that are customisable for any space and preference of property owners.Garage epoxy flooring

Epoxy floor contains coloured flake materials that are added to the epoxy to create a unique, multi-coloured look. This is practical and has a versatile chemical solution with a very high level of impact, chemical, flame, and scratch resistance making it a good choice for both domestic and industrial use. The smooth surface of this finish is also anti-slip and can handle heavy weights.

Features & benefits
Epoxy flake coating is becoming popular in customised floor finishes. Let us explore some of its unique and specific advantages.

  • Aesthetics – with its versatility and array of colours, textures, patterns, and designs, epoxy flake coating attains great aestheticism; it just needs some creativity to create an appealing floor finish.
  • Maintenance- it doesn’t require much maintenance. The best way to keep up epoxy flake coated floor is simple standard cleaning whether using a mop, broom, scrub or vacuum together with soap water and detergent. Its high level of resistance from chemicals, impacts, dirt, moisture, and scratches, making the floor easy to clean.
  • Safety- another advantage of epoxy flake coating is its slip-resistance. This is an important feature many commercial and industrial spaces require to ensure safety of the staff an customers.
  • Durability- The ability of epoxy flake coating to withstand heavy loads and daily abuse from equipment, added by its chemical, damage, and impact resistance makes it a good choice especially for industrial spaces.
  • Environment Suitability- the versatility of epoxy flake coating makes it suitable to any kind of environment, wide range of colour option, texture and design is an advantage to blend it with the environment whether it is domestic, commercial, or industrial.
  • Eco-friendly- chemicals used in epoxy floor coating are proven to be free from any environmental hazard. Most resin manufacturers produce solvent-free resins containing a very small amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and don’t affect the environment.
  • Affordability- You don’t have to spend a lot of cash to have a durable and unique looking floor. Epoxy flake flooring can be applied over the old ones, and is also good to level uneven floors.

The Installation Process
Here’s a guide on how we install Epoxy flake flooring from preparation to coating.

  • Step 1: Preparation

Prepare the floor: Make sure that there is no other coating on the floor for the best result of epoxy flake coating. You can apply the flake coating over the old one if you need to save time and money, but it is better to remove the old to make the epoxy floor coating work as recommended.
Clean the area thoroughly: Ensure that the floor is free from any dirt, oil, or stain that stays on the floor. You can use a vacuum and mop to clean or rinse it with water. Be sure that the floor is dry before moving on to the next step.

  • Step 2: Level the concrete

Repair all the imperfections like cracks, holes, and divots. If you have a machine, shot-blast the concrete floor to create a rough surface and fill the other cracks of the floor. It will allow the epoxy coating to go deep within the concrete.
Use a grinder to level out the cracks, holes, and bumps for easier application of epoxy
installing epoxy flake

  • Step 3: Epoxy Application

Apply the coloured epoxy primer (first layer of epoxy). It takes some hours to dry and settle.
Once the epoxy primer has dried up, use your hands to spread the flakes over the dried epoxy primer. Your creativity in how you dispatch the flakes will decide the final appearance of your floor.
Just repeat the first and second procedure to the other uncoated area.
Once the entire area is completed, wait for 24 hours and let the primer dry completely, then use a clean broom and sweep the floor to eliminate loose flakes
Pour the clear epoxy over the dried primer and flakes and use a squeegee to push the epoxy throughout the entire area
Wait for 72 hours and there you have it!
Install Epoxy Flake Flooring with Signature Substrates
Epoxy flake floors are one of the best flooring options for a variety of residential and commercial environments, offering both aesthetics and durability. If you need help for a successful installation of your epoxy flake floor, experts from Signature Substrates are ready to help.

We offer a wide variety of services like concrete polishing, repair, and industrial concrete coating across South East.

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