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Leaky awnings become a nuisance to everyone. It not only affects the health and longevity of the house, but also aesthetics

Awning waterproof Awning waterproof

How Do I Waterproof My Awning? What should you do when the awning that has been protecting you from rain has suddenly begun to leak? Replace the awning with a new one? No, why would you buy a new shelter when you can easily waterproof the existing one.

A tiny leak is not a big deal and you can seal the seam or hole with little effort. Here is a handy guideline on how to get rid of the leaks in your awning.

What causes awning leaks?

Awning waterproof Awning waterproof

Before you start to waterproof, you have to understand what has brought about the leak. The main cause has to do with the nature of the fabric. Acrylic and canvas fabrics tend to enlarge in size when it rains and contract when they dry out.

This stretching increases the distance between the fabric fibers, creating tiny holes that allow the water to pass through. Another reason for leakage is that the heavy wind can pull the fabric off the frame.

If this is the root cause, you just have to draw the fabric back so that leaks don’t happen anymore.

Clean the awning

Awning waterproof Awning waterproof

The first thing you have to do before you start to waterproof awning is cleaning it. You have to remove all debris, leaves and sticks that have accumulated on the fabric. While you need it for a good appearance, it is also a must for awning waterproofing.

The point is that the waterproof solution creates a solid barrier on the fabric. Everything that you haven’t removed will end up under the barrier and stay there for a long period of time. Not to mention that big debris may reduce the adherence of the repellent.

That’s why you always want to start with cleaning all kind of impurities off the awning.

Protect your furniture

Awning waterproof Awning waterproof

As we mentioned it before, the waterproof solution dries out and creates a solid coat. You don’t want any drop of it to fall on your patio furniture and spoil its look. It the solution ends up on your chairs, they will hardly be a good place to sit on.

That’s why you have to use an old towel or cloth to drop on your furniture for protection. If the object’s weight allows it, you can move it temporarily in a safe place. You can also wrap the metal frame in plastic to preserve its aesthetic look.

Apply the solution

Awning waterproof Awning waterproof

Once you have taken all preventive measures, you are free to proceed with the waterproof solution application. You are good to apply 4 coats of water repellent to ensure a reliable barrier that holds up to the heavy storms.

Keep in mind that applying all coats at once is not how things work. There must be 4 hours in between each coat application. For the first layer of repellent, you can leave some gaps without worry. You can apply it fast without paying much attention to detail.

The second layer has to cover all gaps and ensure each inch of fabric has a waterproof agent on it. The last two layers already respond for appearance. You have to apply them evenly and remove existing grooves and bumps from previous coats.

Test the repellent

Awning waterproof Awning waterproof

Now that you have applied the waterproof solution, you want to check how good it is at waterproofing. Wait for 4 hours for the last coat to dry and spray the awning with your garden hose. The water should chaotically disperse and roll off.

If it does so, it means the repellent is effective. You can release a stronger jet to see how the waterproof coat would act during the storm. Usually, if you buy a pricey repellent and apply 4 coats, you don’t have to worry about its effectiveness.

How Do I Waterproof My Awning? – Conclusion

Awning waterproof Awning waterproof

If you decide to waterproof awning yourself, accuracy, patience and a keen eye for detail are indispensable. You want to apply the coat of repellent in a way that it covers all gaps and lies level and appealing. You have to spray 4 coats so that the protection is the highest possible.

To ensure the waterproof agent adheres well, you have to clean the fabric of all debris before application. Don’t forget also to cover the furniture with a drop towel to protect it from the solution drops.

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