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 Singapore Waterproofing is the Home of the Internal and External Clear Waterproofing Membrane

Clear Waterproofing Membrane is for use on both new and existing surfaces. There’s no need for rip-outs, long messy refurbs, or weeks of inconvenience. It is a flexible membrane waterproofing system that bonds to almost anything. Just prepare and clean the area, allow to dry, apply the membrane, and you’re done!

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In 2015, we believed we could do more for our customers who were experiencing leaky shower and patio issues and didn’t want to remove tiles as they were still in good condition. Our Tilers and Waterproofers put their heads together in conjunction with the assistance of a Singapore Laboratory, to develop a world-class clear, transparent and flexible waterproofing membrane for our customers.

Our early days had small beginnings repairing leaky showers and residential leaking patios. As our customer base grew, so did our customer’s needs, and our Company grew immensely.

Now our Company is standalone and recognized as a leader in steering innovation in the Singapore Waterproofing industry. Clear Waterproofing Membrane is installed not only within Australia but all over the world. It has been applied on massive areas like rooftops, external facades of high rise buildings that have been affected by earthquakes, tile free bathrooms….. oh, we can now waterproof concrete!

Gloss finish comes standard with Satin & Matte options also available. Clear Aggregate is added to the second coat and installed or applied as per directions to create a slip-resistant surface.

Also, any project that is installed by a Singapore Waterproofing comes with the longest warranty in the industry, even covering future movement* — ensuring your residence is protected from the effects of water damage for years to come. Because your membrane is now on top of tiles, movement, cracks, and other potential issues are not a big a deal as the membrane is easily accessible and patch repairable.


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