Guideline Leak Seal Injection

This job site picture depicts one of the more challenging overhead leak sealing injection applications in a confined space with limited resources, very active water leaks, and standing water in the structure. The contractor is using a button-head packer set-up for a secure and leak-free connection of the hose to the injection packer. On the ceiling of the structure, you can see previous injection points and cured foam that formed around the injected cracks while expanding and creating a compression seal. The contractor is covered in impervious protective clothing to protect himself from water and liquid products during the injection process. It is during jobs like this, that you appreciate a complete injection system that is proven, reliable and durable.

This is our compact guideline to waterproofing and leak sealing injection.  From choosing products and equipment to job prep and the injection procedure itself, we cover many important product features and provide valuable information to assist you in making your application a successful one.