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Underwater Repair Epoxy


It is the high-performance adhesive technology for repairing, patching, and rebuilding equipment in habitually wet environments, including under water.

A multipurpose epoxy adhesive for most application in not only dry surface but also wet surface including underwater. This versatile 2-part epoxy repair putty fills voids, patches holes, and seals leaks on ceramic, tiles, cement, aluminium, fiberglass, wood, steel and even concrete for impact and abrasion resistant repairs. It cures completely (even underwater) in just 30 minutes to max of 24 hours for optimum result.




 Adhere/ Bond swimming pool mosaic/ceramic underwater

 Adhere / Bond fall ceiling connection

Adhere / Bond plywood

Adhere / Bond stone

Adhere / Bond Polycarbonate, Plastic, Acrylic

Adhere / Bond Aluminium composite

Patch / Putty swimming pool tile grout underwater

Patch / Putty water tank

Patch / Putty crack underwater

Patch / Putty crack in swimming pool

Patch / Putty crack in water tank

Patch / Putty crack in fish tank

Patch / Putty crack on PVC / Steel / Fiberglass pipe

Patch / Putty crack on wood

Patch / Putty crack on wooden boat / fiberglass boat

Patch / Putty crack on concrete wall / floor

Patch / Putty crack on concrete water / oil tank




 Stronger than any other glues due to the chemical reaction of the two parts

Extremely high water resistant, ideal for underwater application

Good chemical resistant (pH 5-9)

Heat resistant

Bonds on wide variety of surfaces

Extremely strong, durable bonding

Forms a rigid, durable bond

Can be used for gap filling

Touch dry in 30 mins

Complete dry in 24 hours


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