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Cementitious grouting is the process where a fluid cementitious grout is pumped under pressure to fill forms, voids, and cracks. Pressure grouting using a relatively low cost cementitious material is used to fill cracks and voids where large volumes of material are required or where high service temperatures are anticipated. Cementitious grouting is also used to bond and protect rock anchors in concrete or rock. We have a wide assortment of specialized equipment for cementitious pressure grouting.





Marine Structures

Hydroelectric Structures and Dams

Mining and Refining




Excellent Performance

Cost Effective Solution

Permanent Solution

Can be designed to provide predictable and measurable structural properties


The cementitious grouting applications that we are involved with are broken down in the following categories, which differ only by the properties of the material used and the scope of the grouting:


Cementitious Pressure Grouting (rock, concrete, and anchor bolt applications)

Microfine Cement Grouting (crack repair applications)

Cement Fondue Grouting (24 hour – fast setting applications)

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