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Glass and steel structures work hand in hand. Steel structural support is important for glass installations such as glass roof, skylight and half height glass panels. Below are the services that we provide for glass panel replacement and installation in Singapore.

Glass mirrors

structural glass panel 1

A mirror can visually enlarge and brighten a space. Opt for a clear mirror for a clean look or tinted coloured mirror to add the luxurious touch.

Glass sliding and swing doors /barn doors

structural glass panel 2

Having an inviting entrance paves the way for better opportunities. Clear glass swing or sliding door provides for this option, alternatively, choose from a range of tinted glass colours or translucent option if privacy is preferred.

Movable glass panels

structural glass panel 3

Movable glass panels are useful for multi-purpose space and retail shopfront as it gives the option of a fully glassed up space or retracted seamlessly.

Glass railings

structural glass panel 4

Glass railings provide for a high end clean cut look which provides a safety barrier from height but does not obstruct the views of the surroundings.

Glass showers

structural glass panel 5

See through glass showers separate the wet and dry areas of a bathroom during showers without compromising on the visual size of the area.

Glass canopies /skylight

structural glass panel 6

Strong metal support structures are an integral part of any skylight glass and canopy glass replacement. Our in house welders are trained to build aesthetically viable structures able to take the weight of glass panels.

Glass display cases

structural glass panel 7

Using a glass showcase allows for display of delicate and intricate items or food products. The use of glass food display also reduces the chance of unnecessary contact and contamination of the food items.

Metal structures

structural glass panel 8

Strong metal support structures are an integral part of any glass canopies. Our in house welders are trained to build aesthetically viable structures withstanding the weight of glass panels.

Glass feature walls

structural glass panel 9

Add a talking point with a custom glass feature wall or glass wall partition and move away from cookie cutter designs for an unique and attractive interior highlight for your home or office/commercial environment.

Glass rooms /dividers

structural glass panel 10

Effective space planning is especially important in land scarce Singapore. The use of clear glass to partition out an area is visually pleasing and also serves its purpose to segregate different areas.

Glass furniture

structural glass panel 11

Dressing up your tables with clear glass tops instantly adds elegance and blends in visually.

Glass whiteboards

structural glass panel 12

Using glass as whiteboard creates a trendy look which will not look out of place in today’s modern interiors. It is also easy to maintain as ink and stains are easily wiped off.

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