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The key to well-maintained flooring is understanding how to make the floor waterproof in an effective way that will ensure your floors are protected for years into the future. Whether you have tile, concrete, or wood flooring in your home, it’s crucial to keep them looking fresh and new by ensuring they are protected from water damage. Read on to discover the steps required to waterproof your floors so that they retain their beauty for a long time to come.

Why is floor waterproofing necessary?

Floor waterproofing is a common phenomenon in construction works. The main reason is that during the construction process, the homeowner did not take measures to prevent leaks for walls, floors, ceilings … or the waterproofing took place poorly according to the process and quality.

Homeowners must understand the importance of floor waterproofing as this will affect the condition of your house, therefore, waterproofing the floor is known to be very beneficial and needed for your home in the long run. All you need is to call for professional floor waterproofing services in this regard.

Benefits of floor waterproofing

  • Enhance the aesthetics of the house
  • Ensure health, minimize the impact of harmful mold
  • Longer lifespan of home appliances, easier maintenance
  • Protect your home against termites and ants.

How to floor waterproofing

  • Waterproofing for subfloors

Before even considering the decorative interiors of your house, ensure that your contractor is well-aware of various waterproofing requirements needed for subfloors. If you’re unfamiliar with what subfloors are, they are the foundation flooring found underneath your tiles.

Having waterproof flooring installed should be performed as a standard part of subfloor construction. Do some research on the requirements and regulations of your specific building or area. This comes into play when you experience either HDB leaks or Condo leaks.

All these regulations should be followed in order to prevent water from rising from underneath the foundation flooring of the house and from seeping through the concrete which leads to interfloor leakages.

  • Waterproofing for bathroom floors

Your bathroom is prone to more severe water leakages than any other room in your home. This is why waterproofing the bathroom floor is an essential component of any home construction. As mentioned, there are various regulations that you should follow before carrying out this kind of waterproofing.

Unless you are a professional yourself, it is always better to go for an expert and trusted waterproofing service provider. They are qualified enough to provide you with a range of waterproofing methods that will best suit your area as well as offer reasonable pricing for high-quality workmanship. Remember not to attempt any DIY waterproofing works as this will just worsen the problem.

  • Waterproofing Other Floor Areas

Aside from subfloors and other bathroom floors, there are still various other places in your home that you should undergo floor waterproofing.

Among other areas, you have your kitchen and laundry area waterproof.  These are places with active plumbing systems that can cause water leakages.

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