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EVALON® waterproofing membranes are superior quality EVA membranes according to DIN 18531-2 (respectively DIN V 20000-201) and DIN 18195-2 (respectively DIN V 20000-202) for single-ply waterproofing of all types of flat roof construction and application methods as well as for waterproofing of foundations. Product and system tests are carried out according to the requirements of the European standards DIN EN 13956 and DIN EN 13967 and provide for the basis and the entitlement to CE marking.

EVALON® membranes consist of a high polymer alloy of ethylene vinyl acetate terpolymer (EVA) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a purpose-made thermoplastic material. Both components are solids and remain unchanged over time. Thus, physical properties remain unaltered and optimum life expectancy is assured.

The material is calandered to homogeneous soft and elastic membranes and also provided with various backings, depending on application specifics.


  • unbacked
  • tapes and connection areas


  • with polyester fleece backing
  • loose laid, with ballast, mechanically fastened, bonded


  • with glass/polyester fleece backing
  • with integrated fire protection layer, mechanically fastened, directly on unbacked rigid EPS foam boards


  • with polyester fleece backing and selfadhesive coating
  • bonded


  • with glass/polyester fleece backing and self-adhesive coating
  • with integrated fire protection layer for direct bonding on unbacked rigid EPS foam boards

Source – Elmich

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