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This is because the TDI polyurethane is injected deep into the building element forced under high pressure. This high-quality fluid resin is injected into concrete cracks, rock fissures and other voids in concrete structures. Once the product is inside the crack, it chases the water present in the crack and begins to foam and expand filling the entire crack.

The polyurethane undergoes a chemical transformation from a liquid to a solid when reacting with water. The product has a very short cure time, making it ideal for active leak sealing. It sets in minutes, forming a dense, durable and flexible seal preventing future water leaks.

The low viscosity allows for the fine cracks with a width less than 0.2mm to be sealed, so any leak in concrete structure can be sealed in concrete structures.

Polyurethane crack injection is without a doubt the most effective leaking crack repair method in concrete swimming pools. It is commonly used in civil, commercial and residential leaking concrete crack injection.

There are many different types of polyurethane products available in the market. Singapore Waterproofing s uses the highest quality polyurethane resin formulations, which ensures the optimum cure time, viscosity, efficient and reliable results for each different type of application.

The TDI polyurethane that we at Singapore Waterproofing commonly use for leak sealing injection, is the best injection product available offering superior performance benefits including permanent flexibility, very low shrinkage, water potable, low viscosity and a hydrophilic reaction.

Singapore Waterproofing specialises in skilled techniques in high-pressure injection with a high-quality TDI polyurethane to the targeted area to form a deep seal and stop water from leaking through the concrete cracks.

Singapore Waterproofing  utilises the same techniques and products that we have approved for use on major civil structures with a design life of 100 years.


Concrete Pool Leak Sealing Injection – The Singapore Waterproofing Process On How To Stop Leaking Cracks In Concrete Swimming Pools


Concrete crack leak sealing involves injecting a fully flexible water reactive hydrophilic polyurethane under high pressure.

High-pressure injection of high-quality TDI liquid polyurethane forces the material into leaking cracks, joints, voids and other defects.

We use the highest quality injection product available offering superior performance benefits including:

  • Permanent flexibility
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Water potable
  • Low viscosity
  • Hydrophilic reaction (the product is actively chasing moisture, filling and sealing the crack by rapid reaction with the water present in the crack)



Cracked leaking concrete pool injected and plugged

Cracked leaking concrete pool injected and plugged.


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