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Here is one of our accomplished senior technicians with extensive concrete repair and remedial waterproofing experience – Pumping out quality work in an underground carpark at the Gold Coast.


Corrosion of reinforcing steel is referred to as “concrete cancer.”. Unfortunately, the problem is probably far more widespread than the surface symptoms suggest. Once established, rust will spread in all directions along the reinforcing. Concrete must be chiseled away before the full extent of the damage can be determined.

In concrete, steel reinforcing rusts due to chloride ions or carbonation. During rusting, steel expands up to eight times its volume, which causes rigid concrete to spall (break into smaller pieces). This can accelerate the rusting of adjacent reinforcing by exposing it directly to the environment.

There are several factors that influence the risk of concrete cancer, including proximity to the coast and the built-up environment; the degree of concrete cover over steel reinforcing; the presence of differential metals; the quality and density of coating systems; cracking, joint, and penetration detailing; and the level of preventative maintenance.


The treatment of concrete cancer must consider appropriate weatherproofing and/or waterproofing as part of a complete solution. Otherwise, the repair work may remain a temporary fix as the underlying cause is likely to continue to affect the structure, depending on the situation.

It is recommended that a suitable protective coating is applied to the treatment area upon completion of the repair work, depending on the application requirements.

Occasionally, concrete repair scenarios call for us to consult with specialist remedial engineers within our network, depending on the complexity of the work and how it may interact with a building.

Our extensive experience on major civil projects has afforded Singapore Waterproofing opportunities to design with industry-leading engineers and tackle some of the most complex concrete repair challenges imaginable in the built environment. Using this knowledge, we can provide you with a range of options to best meet your project criteria.

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