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Rising Damp, Condensation and Moisture Experts Singapore


We specialise in fixing all moisture and damp problems including rising damp, condensation problems, bathroom leaks, mould removal and water damage in Singapore for over 10 years.


Moisture and Rising Damp Identification and Remediation


We are moisture identification and remediation experts and can expertly resolve any rising damp or other damp problems you may encounter – including the presence of condensation, musty odours and mould. Based in Singapore, we frequently solving moisture issues for homeowners, estate agents, and occupants of commercial premises.

Our trained professionals can both locate moisture and identify the entry points as causes of moisture in the indoor, subfloor and structural environment – and most importantly, treat the causes of the water ingress, dry the property properly and resolve any attendant environmental issues like rising damp, mould and condensation growth and plaster deterioration so there will be no return – guaranteed.


Solution for any Damp or Leaky Environment


Once we have fixed the immediate rising damp, mould, condensation or waterproofing problem caused by excessive moisture, we can then give you a long term and permanent solution.

Moisture in any built environment is either caused by moisture penetrating from an external source – whether from a burst pipe, damaged sewer, overflowing bath, leaky tiles, floods – or from moisture caused by everyday life events like heating, cooking, breathing and showering. Unless treated correctly, moisture from either a lack of ventilation or from water ingress due to an event, can cause ongoing damp or mouldy conditions.

Whichever cause it is, the cause of the moisture and condensation build-up MUST be identified and resolved before building remediation can commence.

Removing moisture from a built environment is a two fold process:

  • Find the source of the moisture that is causing the damp condition, mould, condensation or rising damp and fix the problem – whether it is subfloor, roof cavity, basement area, burst pipe or bathroom leak.
  • Complete property rejuvenation – All damp, wet or damaged areas must be dried and repaired to stop the moist conditions returning to repeat the rising dam or mould problem.


Immediate Moisture Relief (Short Term) And Permanent Moisture Relief Treatment (Long Term)


Most buildings suffering from condensation build up and/or rising damp require both Immediate Moisture Relief (short term) and Permanent Moisture Relief Treatment (long term).

Immediate Moisture Relief

The short term treatment eliminates the moisture from the internal environment quickly via fast drying down of the building using modern drying equipment which can include dehumidifiers, portable heat sources and air movement. At the same time, the visual effects of the excessive moisture – condensation and rising damp – will be remediated by hand.

Permanent Moisture Relief Treatment

Long term and permanent relief from internal moisture is provided via internal ventilation increases, either via natural methods, or by introducing a mechanical ventilation system to the property. These waterproofing and damp proofing solutions are highly effective and proven to decrease moisture in buildings.


We Inspect, Dry, Repair and Ventilate your Property


rising damp rising damp Inspect

We inspect your property identifying moisture sources using the latest moisture detection equipment, visual inspection and if required, inspection with infra red and remote inspection cameras to identify moisture in areas which cannot be physically breached.

rising damp rising damp Dry

We dry out of the affected area requires knowledge, experience and expertise – and powerful and sophisticated drying equipment. Our range of drying equipment is the most comprehensive, powerful and sophisticated in the country.

rising damp rising damp Repair

Repairing moisture affected areas of the building envelope can involve repair to or replacement of both sheet and solid plaster, render, floorboards, structural timbers and other porous materials. We can perform professional repairs to all water affected materials.

rising damp rising damp Ventilate

Long term relief is generally provided by increasing ventilation into the building envelope or in the case of rising damp treatment, the subfloor.


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