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Concrete Specialized Repair


This includes repairs where specialized methods are used for concrete repair, such as a fast sealing mortars, acid resistant mortars and coatings and other special methods. We have the in-house expertise and equipment to offer innovative solutions, and completing the most challenging concrete repairs in time and on budget.

Many of our projects are completed during short plant shutdowns when there is no time for the use of conventional repair methods or materials. Some of the specialized repair techniques may include hydro demolition, surface preparation using high pressure water blasting, concrete pours with pre-placed aggregate, tremie concrete, shotcrete repair, work with cofferdams, overhead pumping of concrete into suspended forms, and the use of a wide variety of fast setting or other special performance repair materials.





Pulp and Paper Industry

Chemical Plants

Mining and Refining

Steel Plants

Hydro Electric




Quick results, reducing plant downtime

Cost effective when compared with conventional solutions available

High performance repairs

Aid Resistance

Abrasion Resistant

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