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A concrete repair cartridge provides you with an easy way to perform smaller repairs where a limited amount of material is required, and for areas inaccessible to your larger and bulkier equipment. For finishing touches and small punch list fixes for floor repair projects, cartridges are often a good choice.

Cartridge Product Range

  • Water Stop & Leak Sealing Application HOT SHOTS
    1500 Hydro Active PUR  and 1640 Structural Void Fill Foams
  • Joint Fill & Floor/Road Repairs
    6500 Polyure Joint Filler and 6060 Spall / Concrete Crack Mender
  • Epoxy – Structural Repairs
    Crack Injection Epoxy Resins & Epoxy Paste Adhesives

How to Use Cartridges – Checklist

For best results we recommend that you to follow a few simple guidelines and cartridge/product conditioning techniques prior to application.

  • Condition cartridges to room temperature in colder climates
  • Condition cartridges to room temperature in extreme heat
  • Shake cartridges with liquid content sufficiently prior to use
  • Only use clean static mixer
  • Only use static mixer recommended for product
  • Push out any air by moving product through the static mixer while holding cartridge in an upright position
  • Dispense and discard a small amount of product into a dedicated vessel to allow for an even mix
  • Now your cartridge is primed and ready to go
  • Dispense evenly
  • Remove static mixer and replace with cap for any storage
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