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Concrete Silo Evaluation, Maintenance & Repair


Working closely with the silo owner, our concrete restoration and repair experts will conduct a thorough investigation of the overall condition of the silo and customize a cost-effective solution designed to preserve and extend the service life of your structure.

With access to multiple repair methods, we provide the most complete range of concrete solutions. From basic concrete repair to the most technologically advanced repair solutions, we can save your structures.

Concrete silo maintenance and repair services include:


Concrete evaluation and development of repair options (interior & exterior)

Corrosion Investigation Studies

Concrete Repair

Form and Pour Repairs

Shotcrete Repairs

Epoxy Injection Crack Repair

Waterproofing membrane installation

Exterior and interior coating installation

Corrosion Mitigation

Structural Strengthening

Carbon Fiber Strengthening

Steel Plate Strengthening

Post Tension Installation and Repair

Cement Grouting/Slab Jacking

Design, Build, Maintain & Repair

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