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Marine Structures Concrete Restoration & Repair


We have extensive experience in comprehensive restoration of Marine Structures, both above and below the waterline. Our commitment to training and our impressive safety program is your insurance that all projects will be completed in a safe manner. Our experienced crew, multiple concrete repair methods and fleet of equipment allows us to always offer you the most advanced technology concrete repair solutions, ensuring the life extension of your concrete marine structure.

We serve a variety of marine structure clients, whether working in sea water or fresh water and including ship loading facility, wharf, bridge substructure, lock and dam, tank inspection or any submersed concrete structure. Our experienced crews can provide you full service marine structure concrete inspection, corrosion mitigation and concrete repair services both above and below the waterline, including:


Concrete Patching

Epoxy Injection Crack Repair

Inspection Services

Corrosion Investigation Studies

Corrosion Mitigation

Galvanic Anodes Installation

Electro-chemical Chloride Extraction

Cathodic Protection

Jacket Installation

Activated Arch Spray Zinc Installation

Structural Strengthening

Cement Grouting

Rip-Rap Installation

Bank Stabilization

Debris Removal

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