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Power Generation Facility Concrete Contractor


For years, we have been the concrete contractor of choice for power generation plants throughout Singapore. Power generation plant owners require a contractor that they can count on to complete concrete restoration projects at their facility, often working within very short shutdown windows.

Our commitment to concrete restoration project organization and working closely with owners throughout the process ensures your piece of mind, that there are no surprises and work is completed as promised. Our commitment to and investment in safety ensures your projects are always completed safely.

Power generation facility concrete restoration work includes:


Concrete Repair

Conventional Patching

Form and Pour Repairs

Shotcrete Concrete Repairs

Hand Patching

Epoxy Injection Crack Repair

Concrete Silo Restoration

Chemical Resistant Tank Linings and Coatings (primary and secondary containment)

Cooling Tower Repair

Natural DRAFT Cooling Tower Cathodic Protection

Water Intake Structure Rehabilitation

Industrial Flooring Installation

Corrosion Investigation Studies

Corrosion Mitigation

Structural Strengthening

Carbon Fiber Strengthening

Steel Plate Strengthening

Post Tension Installation and Repair

Cement Grouting/Slab Jacking

Silicate Acid Proof Concrete

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