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Aggressive Marine Environments

Marine environments impose rigorous and unique demands that inevitably challenge the integrity of coastal defences, wharfs and pier deck structures. High chloride levels in seawater, combined with the aggressive action of waves and currents, push structural integrity to the limits, whilst at the same time offering only fleeting opportunities for repair and protection of a host of defects that occur in both steel and concrete structures.

Reinforced concrete structures in coastal environments are highly susceptible to attack from chlorides because of the regular exposure to airborne sea spray. Chloride ions will readily penetrate even the densest concrete to initiate corrosion of the reinforcement. Ultimately, spalling will occur, necessitating major and costly repairs.


The Solution

We have long been recognised as a foremost supplier of high performance repair and protection systems for marine structures, suitable for application in both tidal and splash zones. The products offer unsurpassed resistance to chloride ingress and have been used to protect coastal structures around the globe, including the Doha Corniche in Qatar, Milford Haven Marina and seawater in-take tanks for Dubai Aluminium.

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