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Concrete Deterioration

The boom in construction over recent decades saw a mass of reinforced concrete structures being built, and although many buildings and structures – whether it be high rise blocks, tunnels or bridges – may have been sound for years, they are all vulnerable to deterioration when exposed to weather, water or aggressive environments over their design life. All too often we see concrete surfaces that are cracked and eroded allowing water ingress, whilst corrosion of the reinforcement leads to unsightly spalling and a reduction in the anticipated service life.

Engineers and architects continue to push the boundaries for new structures to the limits, providing challenges on-site for innovative techniques to provide a watertight structure with sufficient protection to the reinforcement from carbonation and chloride ingress through the design life of the structure.


Innovative Repair Solutions

Innovation has been the key to our success and will take us forward in the future. We continue to invest in research activities to further develop our core Portland cement-based technology and the range of decorative protective coatings. Our thoroughly tested, independently certified systems offer unrivalled reliability, durability and performance.

Our range includes highly engineered repair mortars, fairing coats and renders, high performance decorative anti-carbonation coatings and waterproof anti-corrosion coatings for both steel and concrete based on proven polymer/cement technology. Many products in our range are CE Marked in accordance with EN1504 – the new pan European standard for concrete repair – so you can be assured that they meet the industry’s most exacting standards.

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