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Structural Challenges

Over time, even the most well designed buildings and commercial structures degrade and require refurbishment in order to extend their design life or improve their appearance. All areas of the building envelope require renovation over a period of time, whether it be waterproofing a leaking roof, weatherproofing the external walls or protecting the floor from impact or abrasion damage. These problems aren’t just limited to older buildings; there are often structural challenges with new build projects and whether it’s down to design complexity or poor workmanship, it’s equally important to protect new structures in order to avoid a reduction in the anticipated service life.


Solutions for Refurbishment and New Build

We have been developing highly innovative solutions for repairing, protecting, waterproofing and decorating buildings and other commercial structures for over 30 years. Our products, including repair mortars, cementitious coatings, flooring systems, hygienic coatings, liquid roof coatings and weatherproof masonry coatings, can be found on some of the world’s most iconic buildings, structures and commercial construction – from London’s Olympic Village to Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Australia. They are used to provide long-lasting protection to a variety of structures in both refurbishment and new build situations, including offices, hotels, shopping centres, educational buildings, healthcare facilities, industrial warehouses and manufacturing plants.

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