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Concrete Bridge Repair & Maintenance


Solutions for Bridge Repair and Maintenance


When subjected to the elements, even the most well designed concrete bridges need repair and protection in order to ensure that their intended design life can be achieved. Factors such as carbonation, free/thaw cycling and chloride attack can all lead to significant deterioration of precast and in-situ concrete, quickly leading to the corrosion of the steel reinforcement. In such instances, we provide a one-stop refurbishment solution with a full range of engineering quality mortars and high performance cementitious and anti-carbonation coatings.


Problems Experienced by Concrete Bridges

  • Carbonation, leading to corrosion of the reinforcement and spalling of the concrete
  • Chloride attack caused by exposure to de-icing salts
  • Worn and damaged trafficked surfaces, requiring a fast-track, high strength solution
  • Low concrete cover on new build constructions
  • Honeycombing, blow-holes and surface voids caused by poor compaction or defects in the formwork
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