Cleaning Your Roof? Here are some things to note.

There is usually no time for roof cleaning. Roof cleaning is a big hassle, and it can be dangerous without the proper experience. Furthermore, if not done correctly, it may cause more damage to your roof than good. Singapore Waterproofing will help you avoid the most common mistakes so that you won’t have to spend a lot on repair later on.

Households often clean their roofs in their own way. DIY or “Do It Yourself” can lead to a great deal of errors and damages. Often, people do this to avoid a lot of expenses or to learn new skills to do it for their families instead of hiring professionals. 

When it comes to roof cleaning, there is more to it than just having it cleaned. In order to avoid getting into trouble, proper materials and methods need to be used.

When cleaning your roof, there are proper and improper methods. It may seem there are no rules when it comes to roof cleaning, but in reality, there are. In order to prevent further mistakes that would cost you a lot of money, it is important to know how to clean your roof properly. You should also be aware of the right way to clean your roof to prevent damaging any nearby or surrounding areas.

Cleaning Roof Mistakes: Do’s and Don’ts


  1. Clean roof using garden hose with sprayer
  • At hardware stores, there are sprayers that can be bought as an attachment to a garden hose. The trick with using these is the solution. Add equal parts of chlorine bleach and water to the garden hose. Using this technique helps especially when cleaning roofs made out of asphalt shingles.
  • A cleaning roof hack that is very effective is to let the water and bleach mixture sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing the roof with clean water because cleansing the solution too early may not do anything.
  1. Use a long broom to clean
  • To make sure you are safe from falling or from engaging in any danger, you can use a long soft broom to brush off the debris or stains that are hard to reach. Moreover, when there are big objects on the roof that need to be removed, using a long broom can save you from having a hard time removing the object safely and less trouble.
  • Take note not to put too much pressure on the broom when brushing the roof. Applying too much pressure can destroy your roof shingles.
  1. Cleaning your roof during a cloudy day
  • A common cleaning roof mistake is when some people decide to do their cleaning on any random day. This is definitely wrong. It is better to have your roof cleaned during a cloudy day. Do not clean your roof during days that the wind is strong. Cleaning the roof at this time may be dangerous and cause the threat of falling from the roof.
  1. Hire a professional
  • It is not only easier to hire a roof cleaner, but it also reduces the likelihood of making mistakes. Additionally, professional roof cleaners know what chemicals to use and what types of equipment to use depending on the material of the roof.
  • Additionally, it is safer. A DIY roof cleaning is not so bad, but it is one of the most common cleaning mistakes. Hiring a cleaning team to clean your roof will allow you to avoid worrying about your safety. With regard to roof cleaning, these experts are trained and have had a lot of experience.


  1. Using power washer to clean roof
  • Using a pressure washer or a power washer is not advisable when cleaning your roof because it might damage or loosen the roof shingles. That is why the best advice is to use sprayers, which have lighter pressure that can prevent the shingles from being detached.
  1. Walking on roofs to clean
  • Walking on your roof to clean is as dangerous as walking above the roof on a random day. The roof can be slippery because of algae, moss, or molds that are usually damp. There can also be instances that there are hazardous objects at the roof unnoticed such as dried leaves, fallen branches, bird poop, and sharp-rusty edges that might get you into serious danger.
  • Also, consider that your roof might not be sturdy enough to handle your weight. Instances can be, you fall from the roof and create huge damage that may cost you a lot to repair.
  1. Cleaning your roof during a sunny day
  • When using a solution with bleach, it is not recommended to do it on a sunny day. The bleach may not be as effective as on a cloudy day. It will evaporate quickly and may limit its cleaning effect.
  • Health-wise, it is not safe to clean under the sun, especially being on the roof. Mostly to those people who are prone to having heat stroke or have a low tolerance to heat.

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