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1. Sweep
2. Wash
3. Rinse
4. Squeegee

The texture of slip-resistant concrete flooring provides you with the traction you need for safety. It also means that you may need to take a different approach to cleaning. Many slip-resistant floor coatings provide a “gritty” surface that is not compatible with cleaning with a mop because the irregular texture can catch the mop strings.

We recommend using a deck brush and warm water to clean floors with slip-resistant coatings. Avoid detergents to maintain a slip-resistant floor as they may create a soap build-up once the water evaporates if not rinsed off properly.

  • In commercial settings, we recommend making it a daily routine to sweep slip-resistant floors. Sweep away debris using a dense, synthetic fibre broom/deck broom.


  • If you have a slip-resistant floor at home, try to sweep at least once a week. More often may be necessary in outdoor areas when there is dirt or leafy debris on the ground.


  • Spilled liquids should be cleaned up promptly using an absorbent material.


  • When needed, clean with plain warm water using a dense, synthetic fibre broom (not a mop). Scrub gently with the broom to free up dirt and dust. If needed, add a sparing amount of a PH-neutral cleaning product to the water (according to manufacturer’s instructions)*


  • Use a low-pressure hose to rinse the floor thoroughly before it dries to avoid build-up of cleaning product. After rinsing, collect the excess water with a wet-dry vacuum. Alternatively, use a squeegee to collect the water to a drain or outside.


  • Please be advised that detergents can be difficult to rinse off completely. Build-up of residues can make your floor less slip-resistant when it is wet.


*Some manufacturers make specific cleaning products for slip-resistant floors.


We have a wide range of concrete floor coating products we can recommend to meet your different requirements and expectations. There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the right coating for a project. Our experienced team can help you identify and select the protective coating to suit the requirements of your project.


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