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Cement Grouting In Singapore: Types and Application

Cement Grouting Cement Grouting

Cement grouting injects cement into cracks or voids in concrete to fill them and create a strong repair bond between the old and new concrete. Cement grouting is gaining wide popularity as an effective repair technique for structural concrete members and masonry walls. Cement grouts are also used to stop water infiltration through joints in dams, reservoirs, and other hydro structures. 

This simple process can be completed quickly, which makes it an ideal solution for many repair projects. In addition, cement grouting is relatively inexpensive and can be achieved without specialized equipment. As a result, this technique has several advantages over other repair methods.

Types of Cement Grouting

Cement Grouting Cement Grouting

Cement grouting is a construction process in which cement is used to fill in voids and cracks. There are several different types of cement grouting, each with its benefits and drawbacks. 

One of the most popular types of cement grouting is hydraulic cement grouting. This type of grouting uses water, sand, and cement to create a strong bond that can resist high pressures. Hydraulic cement grouting is often used to repair leaks in dams and pipelines. 

Another popular type of cement grouting is epoxy resin grouting. This type of grouting uses an epoxy resin to bind the cement together. Epoxy resin grouting is much more expensive than hydraulic cement grouting, but it is also more durable. It is often used to repair concrete floors and walls. 

Epoxy resin grouts are the most expensive cement grout, but they offer the best performance in terms of strength, durability, and resistance to chemical and water attacks. Epoxy resin grouts are made by mixing epoxy resin and Portland cement in a ratio of 1:1. 

Chemical-resistant grouting. This type of grouting uses a chemical-resistant additive to make the cement resistant to acids and other corrosive materials. Chemical-resistant grouting is often used in industrial applications where there is a risk of exposure to chemicals. 

Sand-cement grouts are the most economical and commonly used cement grouts. They are made by mixing Portland cement and fine sand in a ratio of 1:3 to 1:6. 

Portland cement grouts are also made with Portland cement and fine sand. Still, in a ratio of 1:1.5 to 1:2.5, Portland cement grouts are more resistant to water and chemical attacks than sand-cement grouts, making them ideal for repairing cracks or voids in areas exposed to harsh conditions. 

The cement grout you need will depend on your particular project requirements. Get an expert before beginning your project to ensure you choose the right type of cement grout for the job.

How Is Cement Grouting Applied? 

Cement grouting is applied to fill in voids and cracks in concrete structures. It is a process in which cement-based mortar is injected into the cracks or gaps using a pressure grouting technique. The mortar hardens and bonds with the concrete, thus filling the cracks or voids and restoring the concrete structure’s strength. 

Cement grouting can be used for both new construction and repair work. For new construction, it can be used to fill voids between blockwork or bricks and seal pipe penetrations. It can be used to fill cracks in concrete structures caused by settlement, seismic activity, or other damage for repair work. 

The most important detail to remember when applying cement grouting must be done under proper conditions. The temperature and humidity must be monitored so that the grout will be set properly. 

In addition, the surface on which the grout will be applied must be cleaned and free of debris before application begins. 

With proper application, cement grouting can provide a strong, durable seal that will help to extend the life of a concrete structure.

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