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Wet basements are a common occurrence, especially during the rainy season. During this time you may experience moisture seepage that generally happens through the floor and walls. Water travels from underground through holes, cracks, or gaps in the basement. Other factors that cause flooding are clogged or improperly installed drainage systems, leaky pipes, windows and more.
Don’t Ignore Moisture Seepage
Once you have a leak in your basement, it doesn’t take much time at all for mold, mildew or wood decay to begin. Not only do these issues cause a musty, unpleasant odor, but they can cause serious health problems as well. Once moisture finds its way to your foundation it can damage your belongings, peel wall paint, cause damp spots, and severely damage the structural integrity of your home.
5 Common Causes of Leaks
1. Lateral Pressure
Lateral pressure happens when the soil surrounding your basement absorbs water and expands, causing your basement walls to crack under the pressure.
How to Fix It – Polyurethane or Sodium Bentonite
If the cracks are visible and easily reached from the inside, inject expandable polyurethane into the cracks. The polyurethane will fill and seal the cracks out to the soil and remains flexible once cured to prevent settling and other foundation movements from re-opening.
If you can only get to the cracks from the outside, dig down to the crack and fill the holes with sodium bentonite clay. This clay is also pliable and permanent.
2. Hydrostatic Pressure Exertion 
Hydrostatic pressure is an increase of pressure in the water table. Basement floors are usually thin layers of poured concrete, between 2-4 inches in depth. As water rises through saturated soil, the pressure will build under your foundation, causing water to force its way through the tiny cracks in your basement floor.
How to Fix It – Install Drainage Tiles
Indoor and outdoor drainage systems are paramount for reducing and getting rid of the pressure in your foundation. You will need to consult and hire an experienced, professional contractor for this project as it can be quite extensive.
3. Poor Landscaping
Landscaping that isn’t graded well will result in standing water that sits outside your home. This will eventually seep back into your basement.
How to Fix It – Graded Landscaping
Using dirt, create a berm that slopes away from your home. Landscaping that is properly graded will keep water from pooling. You can use French drains and gutter extensions as tools to keep water out of your home.
4. Clogged Window Wells
Clogged window wells can fill up with water and drain into your basement over time.
How to Fix It – Remove Window Well of Debris
If a window well doesn’t have a drain, you can install one that leads to drain tile, a well or daylight. If it is clogged, find a professional to clean your window well drains and make sure there are no blockages.
You may also want to install a window well cover to keep out lawn clippings, leaves and other things that can clog your drain. In some cases the window well liner will separate from the foundation wall. If this happens it should be reattached or replaced to keep soil and groundwater from entering the window well.
5. Leaky Pipes
Sometimes damaged plumbing results in unwanted moisture.
How to Fix It – Hire a Licensed Plumber
Depending on how bad your leaks are, your plumbing issues could be the result of a larger issue. Make sure you hire a professional plumber to identify the leaks and make the needed repairs.
We’re Here to Help!
The only real way to get rid of a seepage problem and its effects is basement waterproofing. We at #1 Singapore Waterproofing is here to help you with all your basement waterproofing needs. We also provide remediation for mold and other damages caused by sitting water or damp walls. We’re only a call away and our experts will be there to help you remediate whatever issues you may be experiencing. Book your next appointment today!
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