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What is SwellCaulk?

SwellCaulk is a single component caulk grade water-activated swelling waterstop and leak sealing paste used to stop water infiltration through cold joints (see definition below) and concrete construction joints.

SwellCaulk is a hydro-active, hydrophilic polyurethane paste formulated to react with water by expanding its volume in a very controlled and steady fashion. The product is sticky to easily self adhere to the substrate.

SwellCaulk comes in two packaging variations. SwellCaulk Cartridges can be installed with a standard caulk gun, SwellCaulk Sausages are installed with an industry standard sausage gun.

How Does SwellCaulk Work?

During application SwellCaulk self adheres to dry concrete surfaces while dispensed. No matter if the substrate is rough or smooth, the product does not require mechanical fastening or additional adhesives. Any uneven substrate conditions can be evened-out with the product.

SwellCaulk is extremely effective in sealing leaks and stopping water migration based on its outstanding swelling capacity of up to 350% of its original volume on contact with moisture, and its pliability and plasticity to contour uneven and rough surfaces.

SwellCaulk – Compression Seal

While swelling,SwellCaulk creates a compression seal, a pressure positive seal against all surfaces of the concrete in cold joints and construction joints — thereby stopping the flow of water through the joint and creating a permanent seal.

SwellCaulk can withstand high hydrostatic pressures (120ft / 36 m) when installed to specification.

What is a Cold Joint?

A cold joint is a weak spot in the concrete, similar to a hairline fracture, caused by a lack of bonding / cohesion in otherwise monolithic concrete caused by an interruption, delay or intentional design process in the concrete pouring process. When the first batch of concrete sets before the second batch is added, a cold joint is created. They create a fine channel for water to migrate through since they do not cohere or bond together. 

SwellCaulk Applications

  • Water Stop and Leak-Seal Caulk for Cold Joints / Construction Joints
  • ‘Adhesive’ for Use with SwellTape

SwellCaulk Application Advantages

  • Works on Smooth, Rough, Irregular Concrete Substrates
  • Horizontal & Vertical poured-in-place Concrete Joints
  • Works around Pipe / Cable Penetrations
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