Benefits and Methods Of PU Injection Grouting 

Benefits and Methods Of PU Injection Grouting 

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What exactly is PU Injection Grouting?

PU injection grouting is often called polyurethane grouting, a term used to prevent the seepage of water by filling in the gaps and cracks in the concrete of joints, flooring, walls or ceilings.

PU Grouting Injection is a process in which PU (polyurethane) resin is injected into the soil or cracks in concrete in order to fill them up. This process is used for various purposes such as preventing water leakage, strengthening the structure, and so on. PU injection grouting is a relatively new method and has many advantages over traditional grouting methods. It is less labour-intensive and time-consuming, and it can be used in a wider range of applications. 

Additionally, PU grouting is more effective in sealing up cracks and preventing water leakage. As a result, PU injection grouting has become a popular choice for many construction projects.

Here are the reasons why should you use PU Injection Grouting to help resolve Water Leakage Problems?

  • Injection Grouting PU is the most efficient solution to most leakage issues.
  • Injection grouting is a cost-effective option in comparison to other methods. It involves injecting resin into the affected cracks or areas that create a chemical reaction in contact with water. This fills the empty spaces within these cracks. 
  • Using the latest PU grouting technique, there’s no need to slash your floor, walls, or ceiling.

PU Injection Grouting  Method

Water Leakage Inspection

Examining the possibility of water leakage or other leaks with the aid of waterproofing equipment and knowledge to find the cause of leaks, cracks, or seepage

Leakage Assessment and Solution

Make use of the least complicated repair procedure using appropriate injection grouting to stop water leaks.

Repair Actions

The PU injection grouting process is used to inject concrete, honeycombed concrete and soil pipes, pipe intrusions and other voids by using high-pressure equipment to seal cracks and prevent hacking or knocking.


Injection grouting to stop leakage and waterproofing is done correctly, and make sure there is water not leaking with careful examination.

PU Injection Grouting Process


Waterproofing Contractor Singapore will assess the affected leakage zone using a grouting technique using PU injection to prevent a recurrence in the event of water loss. A thermography method is followed by a site inspection that helps pinpoint leakage sources.

Insert Packers

After identifying the root cause of the water leakage problem, the grouting nozzles are located at strategically-placed points to ensure that grout is correctly instilled. There should be no gaps between the touchpoints to allow water to leak in or out.


Technicians will clean to ensure that no dirt or other external factors could affect the process of grouting PU injection. Dirt and dust will be cleared out of the way once the grout is injected into the affected zone to eliminate water leaks.

PU Grout Injection

Grout is in these packers to fill cracks and holes. In addition, further repairs and sealing will be carried out to reinforce the damaged area using cement-based waterproofing material, which will prevent water leakage.


To confirm the effectiveness of our job, Waterproofing Contractor Singapore will provide an assurance period that will ensure your work will be 100% successful, and there will be no leakage in the future with our PU professional injection Grouting method.

What is the right time to use the PU Injection Grouting Method?

Clients require a hassle-free procedure and eco-friendly, quick-acting waterproofing solutions for commercial or residential buildings. The PU Injection grouting technique is widely used to fix active leaks due to its quick-drying properties and the ability to get to tiny hairline cracks that appear unnoticed by the human eye.

Water is the main reason for cracks in buildings. Over time, cement and porous materials could be prone to damage because of the continuous expansion and contraction caused by the environment. 

If cracks or gaps are discovered in moist areas (kitchen balconies, kitchen bathrooms, toilets, kitchens), it could cause damage to the building or your home. So, the grouting procedure using PU must be completed promptly to avoid any further issues.

Waterproofing Contractor Singapore

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