Beam Pocket Leaks Sealed

A beam pocket is a recessed space designed to hold the end of an intersecting beam in a concrete wall, a masonry wall or a column. Beam pockets in exterior structures are often subject to water leakage.

The Problem

The client was experiencing water intrusion through beam pockets on an exterior structural concrete wall causing water leak related damages to a concessions room and storage area.

A waterproofing contractor was asked to remediate all leaks to stop further damages and to consult on methods to prevent future  occurrences.

The Solution

Following a thorough investigation of the structure, it was determined that the leak. where rainy season build up snow and snow melt becomes stagnant. Additionally, the gutters showed signs of damage and water overflow above exterior joints, which led to water intrusion into the structure through joints, cracks, and unsealed beam pockets.

The client was advised to install downspouts and repair damaged gutters to help direct water away from the building in areas where water pools, and to push all snow away from the building.