Basement Waterproofing (FAQ)

Why should I fix my basement?

There are several reasons. Amongst the more common reasons are: a healthier living environment, increased living and storage space, avoiding further damage to your belongings, increased property value and peace of mind.

How long does the average job take?

The majority of our work can be completed in one day or less. However, because we are a full-service waterproofing contractor, there are some larger scale jobs that may take multiple days to complete.

What is the average repair cost?

It really depends on what work is being done. All estimates are free of charge for this very reason. Our Basement Advisors are trained to recommend the most practical and economical solution for your particular situation. In general, smaller jobs may only be a few hundred dollars; larger scale jobs can be several thousand dollars.

What happens if the problem recurs after you do the work?

Unique to the industry, we have a separately staffed Warranty Department. Upon receipt of your call, they will ask you some questions to help determine the cause of the problem and steps required to correct it. All completed work is scanned into our computer system, allowing us to access your records promptly.

Though only a small percentage of our work requires service, we are as anxious to solve your problem as you are. Much of the reason for our growth over the past 55+ years is because we truly stand behind our work.

Will I have to wait around all day for your Basement Advisor to show up? How about your work crew?

No. After you provide us with your information, our Customer Service Representative will generally provide you with a two-hour time frame for your estimate. If the property is vacant and you need to meet us at the site, we can provide you with a smaller time frame. You can also request for our Basement Advisor to notify you via phone prior to their arrival.

If you should authorize us to proceed with the work, our Scheduling Department will contact you to arrange a convenient installation date. Each year, our appointments and installations run 98% as scheduled.

I am selling my house. Should I fix the problem before I sell it?

Absolutely. Prior to selling your house, you will be required to fill out a disclosure form. One of the first few questions asks if you are aware of any seepage problems in your basement or crawl space. Leaving the problem for the new owner to fix will typically result in a much lower sales price, as the buyer will generally overstate the cost to fix the problem. Failure to inform the buyer of any problems can also result in a lawsuit.

My chimney is leaking. Do you offer any service to eliminate that type of problem?

As long as the problem is below ground level, we have solutions both from the exterior and interior to correct it. To confirm the problem is below grade, simply run water from a garden hose on the ground near the chimney. If water seeps into your basement within a reasonable time frame, it’s safe to assume at least a portion of the problem is below grade.

If running a garden hose on the ground doesn’t produce any results, it probably is an above grade problem, which means you should contact a chimney building and repair contractor (or a “chimney sweep”).

Can I fix one small area?

In most cases, the answer is yes, but it really depends on your particular problem. Unlike some waterproofing contractors, we do not push you into waterproofing the entire basement if it is not necessary (unless you prefer it). As a full service waterproofing contractor, we offer several solutions, both from the interior and exterior, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all system.

Our Basement Advisors are trained to recommend the most practical and economical solution. They average over ten years of experience and will help steer in you in the right direction to make an informed and educated decision.

Do you do work in crawl spaces?

Yes. Nearly all methods that we use in conjunction with full-depth basements can be used to address crawl space related problems. If we are to do any work from the interior, we generally need at least three feet of headroom.

If you have a dirt or gravel floor inside the crawl space, we could also install (pump) a concrete floor to reduce moisture and provide additional storage space. We can also install a Crawl Space Liner.

My basement is finished. Will you be able to fix my problem?

Sure. Because we are a full-service waterproofing contractor, our Basement Advisor has a number of solutions to choose from. In many cases, all the work can be done from the exterior. If that is not practical or possible, we can solve the problem from the interior with little impact on the interior finishes. This may include such simple things as removing a section of the paneling or drywall, removing the baseboard or pulling back the carpet.

Are you in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

We take great pride in the quality of our work. We are in thousands of homes each year and strive to satisfy each and every customer. For this reason, nearly two-thirds of our business comes from person to person referral.

What is the white chalky stuff on my walls?

It is the mineral deposits left behind when moisture dries and crystallizes. It is referred to as efflorescence. You should be able get rid of it with a mixture of vinegar and water.

Can anybody be a waterproofing contractor?

The barriers to entry into our industry are pretty small. Any handyman with a truck and a yellow page ad can call himself a waterproofing contractor. Over the past 50+ years, we’ve seen dozens of new waterproofing companies make a big splash in our area, only to close down their operation in a few months or years due to financial problems or the inability to service their customers.

As with any type of home improvement work, it is a good idea to ask for references and check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if the company is in good standing. How long a company has been in business is a true indication of its stability and commitment. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Can’t I just pick up some materials from the hardware store and fix it myself?

Most materials found at the local hardware store produce limited results. There are, however, things you can do yourself such as extending your downspouts and cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis which may help to alleviate the problem.

Assuming all options have been exhausted and water is still seeping into your basement, we recommend hiring a professional waterproofing contractor such as ourselves.

Over the past 50+ years, we’ve literally had thousands of homeowners and contractors give up and finally call us. One of the first things they tell us is that they wished they had called us to begin with and not wasted so much time and money.

I plan on remodeling my basement. Is there anything that can be done to prevent my basement from ever getting seepage?

Definitely. Though most people merely react to water problems, the smart ones are proactive and prevent them before they occur.

Feel free to contact our office and we would be happy to arrange for a free estimate.

Will concrete, asphalt or brick pavers prohibit you from fixing the problem from the exterior?

As a part of our work, we can remove any type of paving in order to install our systems. We can replace concrete, when necessary, if you desire. We do not replace asphalt or brick pavers, however, as they are specialty work.

How do I know if I have any structural problems?

We have a separate, specialized team of advisors trained to identify structural problems. If they find that your foundation warrants repair, they can provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

Source – US Waterproofing