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Finally, the winter has passed and the clocks have gone forward and for many of us, we’re looking to spend more time outside this summer. Kingston Blinds are here to tell you exactly how the masses are doing just that – see for yourself how awnings can make a difference to your summer holidays.

Investing in an awning is something that offers countless benefits, not only do they enhance your outdoor living area but also help to manage the temperature inside your home too. Add a luxurious attachment and embrace the sun or shade whenever you want it.

Benefits of having an awning:


Awnings are purchased for many reasons but mainly, to provide shade over the decking, patio, or garden. This allows for homeowners to spend more time outdoors and makes their time in the fresh air more comfortable for family, friends, and even pets.

However, awnings offer more than just shelter and because of this, their initial cost is negligible compared to their benefits and overall value. Money that would otherwise go towards furnishings, parasols, and air conditioning will stay in your pocket because awnings help to make significant overall savings.

Awnings installed over windows offer shade both outside and inside, reducing the temperature indoors and thus, eliminating the need to use your air conditioner. Not to mention the sun’s harmful UV rays are filtered through the awnings and therefore save your upholstery from potential sun damage. By reducing your electricity bills and need to redecorate the home, you can save your money and enjoy the nice weather.

When you strategically install an awning you can reduce your carbon footprint, dropping your energy by 25%! You need not worry about your awning being a permanent attachment either because you can simply retract it to keep it clean and safe during the winter time.

Long lifetime

Although non-retractable awnings are the cheaper option, they have a shorter lifespan because they’re more likely to get damaged in bad weather from strong winds, hail and frost. Over time, non-retractable awnings will look tired much more quickly because they will constantly experience all types of weathering.

When you choose retractable awnings, you can ensure a longer lifetime. When your awning is not in use, simply retract the material and have it folded away.

Eye-catching colors and design

Extend, enhance and spruce up your outdoor living area when you install a modern awning to the exterior. Without the need for any costly or inconvenient renovations, you can make the most of your living space with quality fabrics and exciting colours that best suit your tastes, styles and budget. With a varied range to choose from, you can ensure your home is looking its very best when you opt for an awning.


Kingston Blinds ensure optimal design and performance when it comes to our products, which is why our fabrics, mechanisms and installations are superior – to ensure that the homeowner need not put in too much time into general upkeep and maintenance.

Simple maintenance steps:

1) To loosen any dirt, use a soft cloth and brush away.

2) Use mild soap and warm water to clean away any stubborn marks – leave to soak in before rinsing thoroughly.

3) Keep extended and allow to air dry.

Take advantage of those longer days with a simple awning installation, there to offer you shade and shelter over your garden, patio or decking. At Kingston Blinds you can guarantee high quality awnings along with free quotations and home visits and all work is completed by friendly, reliable staff. If you would like to know more or wish to book an installation, contact us today

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