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Concrete Attack

Concrete structures in the dirty water sector are exposed to demanding conditions with chemical attack from raw sewage, exacerbated by abrasion from solids in the effluent, being just one of them. However it is the bacterial activity in the sewage that causes the most significant problems due to the evolution of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas. In enclosed structures, this dissolves in the condensation on surfaces to form sulphuric acid which readily attacks the concrete and significantly reduces the service life of structures.


Corrosion Protection

Our range includes rapid setting, high early strength mortars and water-based cementitious polymer and epoxy modified coatings, which can be applied in damp environments without primers. Suitable for both concrete and steel, the coatings cure to form a waterproof, protective layer with chemical resistance to H2S and sulphuric acid. As our products are water-based and low odour with no hazardous solvents released during application, they can be safely applied when facilities are still in normal operation.

Steel or cast iron in dirty water structures is highly susceptible to corrosion. Flexcrete offers the ideal solution for the protection of ferrous metals with our water-based cementititious and epoxy modified polymer coatings. Cemprotec E942 is applied directly, even onto metal in damp conditions, with minimal surface preparation and cures to form a dense, protective barrier. High alkalinity accelerates the re-passivation of the steel to afford long-term corrosion protection.


Dirty Water Applications

Our products are suitable for the repair and protection of countless structures in the dirty water industry, including those below. They significantly extend durability of structures and enable the original design life to be achieved.

  • Aeration tanks
  • Digester tanks
  • Filter plants
  • Final filtration tanks
  • Flume channels
  • Humus tanks
  • Primary settlement tanks
  • Sludge tanks
  • Spillways
  • Storm water tanks
  • Support chambers
  • Weirs


Waste Water Industry Problems and Solutions

The Problem

Abrasion of scraper blades and wheels in sediment tanks results in continuous wearing away of the concrete surface.


The Solution

Cracked or spalled concrete can be repaired with Fastfill. Monolevel 844SP is then spray or trowel applied to rough surfaces to give a smooth, engineering finish with excellent abrasion resistance and durability.

Further protection can be provide by overcoating with Flexcrete’s epoxy and cement modified polymer coatings, Cemprotec E942 and Cemprotec E-Floor.

The Problem

Chemical attack from raw sewage breaks down the matrix of the concrete below the water level. Abrasion accelerates the deterioration of the surface.


The Solution

Damaged areas can be effectively reinstated with Monomix or, where rapid reinstatement is required: Fastfill. Both offer long-term durable repairs with excellent chemical resistance.

An overall application of Cemprotec E942, incorporating advanced cement chemistry, fibre, epoxy and styrene acrylic copolymer technology protects existing concrete from further deterioration.

The Problem

Bacteria present in sewage form acidic gases which, in confined areas, condense on surface and are broken down to form sulphuric acid which readily attacks concrete.


The Solution

Surfaces can be reinstated with Monolevel 844SP prior to overcoating with Cemprotec E942. This unique epoxy and cement modified polymer coating offers excellent resistance to strong acids as well as the aggressive cocktail of chemicals found in sewage.

The Problem

Corrosion of ferrous metals in aggressive sewer environments. Lack of corrosion protection from aggressive condensates reduces the life span of the structure.


The Solution

Cemprotec E942 can be applied to the substrate with minimal preparation. It offers exceptional stand-alone protection, making it ideal where accessibility is limited and working conditions are difficult. It is able to tolerate application to damp surfaces with much lower levels of preparation than conventional coating systems. Cemprotec E942 chemically accelerates the passivation of ferrous metals and provides a barrier to the ingress of water and oxygen — the fuels for corrosion.

The Problem

Concrete or brick manhole chambers are particularly prone to chemical attack due to the build up of gasses and condensates.


The Solution

Rapid reinstatement of the chamber can be carried out using Fastfill, a fast setting Portland cement based repair mortar with excellent sulphate resistance. A 2mm coat of Cemprotec E942, applied in 2 coats by brush will provide long-term protection from acids and chemicals. Areas can be quickly and effectively treated, minimising disruption.

The Problem

General degradation of the infrastructure needs cost effective repair and coating solutions.


The Solution

We offer a wide range of repair systems to match the equally wide range of reinforced concrete structures that form an integral part of the water industry infrastructure.

Based on our core technology: a unique blend of polymers, microsilica and fibres, the products include wet sprayed, dry sprayed, rapid setting, pourable and trowel applied repair mortars: Monomix WS, Fastfill and Monomix.

When repairs have been carried out, an anti-carbonation and decorative finish can be achieved by applying Monodex Smooth.The Concrete Repair and Protection System has BBA Approval.

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