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Aluminium Packer Advantages

  • Aluminum | Aluminium Packers for Our Customers Worldwide
  • Quality Aluminum Construction for Secure Fit During Injection
  • Very Affordable Injection Packer
  • The Most Economical Way to Perform Crack Injection
  • Anti Return Valve in Zerk

Why should I use Injection Packers | Aluminium Injection Packers ?

Aluminium mechanical injection packers are cost-effective.

The aluminum injection packer is an economic alternative to the mighty, tried and proven, steel packer, and is considered to be an adequate choice for many standard injection applications. 

In conclusion, Injection packers are the economic alternative for most standard injection scenarios. They are less expansive and much lighter to carry around, and more affordable to ship.

What is the Limitation of the Evolution Aluminum Injection Packer ?


We recommend to try new packers next to established packers on the jobsite.

It is always a good idea for the injection professional to have a variety of packers on hand. Crack injection applications can be challenging. Badly deteriorated substrates and very tight cracks and cold joints should always be injected with an injection packer of suitable dimensions and design.


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