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Grouting & injection are the waterproofing process for ground improvement that is achieved by injecting a fluid-like material into subsurface soil or rock. Grouting & injection are the specifically prepared cement under pressure to form a stable suspension or liquid into pores, fissures or voids, or to jetting of cement mixtures at a high flow rate and cement into the soil to increase strength. Grouting is normally a combination of cement, sand, and water or chemical substances that can be used to fill gaps. They are used to improve concrete cracks, fill seams and gaps in tiles for sealing & waterproofing, and for soil stabilization. It is also used to provide extra strength to the foundations of load-bearing structures.

Characteristics of Grouting & Injection:

Grouting is non-corrosive. They are not flammable, non-toxic. Also, they are Shrinkage compensated. They are capable of adjustable fixtures. They have very good flow characteristics. It has an excellent bond to concrete. In addition, they have no blockage or bleeding. They are easy to use (ready to mix powder), easy to mix, only add water. They are impact and vibration resistant.


1. Un-sanded Grouting & Injection:

It is used for wall tiles where the grout joint is lower than 1/8” wide.

2. Finely Sanded Grouting & Injection:

It is used for flooring tiles, where the joints are 1/8” to 3/8” wide.

3. Quarry Type Grouting & Injection:

This is much like finely sanded grout for ceramic tiles besides {that a} coarse grade of sand is used. Quarry-type grout is used for joints that can be 3/8 “to 1/2” wide, as used with Saltillo tiles.

4. Epoxy Grouting & Injection:

It contains an epoxy resin and hardener. Epoxy grout for ceramic tile is very resistant to stains and chemicals, it has amazing bond energy. It is best for countertops and different areas inclined to stains.

5. Cementation Grouting & Injection:

It is used for mass placement in caustic environments.

6. Chemical Grouting & Injection:

It is used to control seepage, shut-off seepage, and soil stabilization, it is further classified as follows:

6.1. Permeation Grouting & Injection:

Permeation grouting is a means of preventing voids within the mass of a soil or rock thus displaces water and air from the voids and allows it to grow without displacing the sod particles or widening the existing fissure in the grout.

6.2. Displacement-Compaction Grouting & Injection:

Compaction grouting is the injection of a thick no mobility grout that does not reside in any homogeneous mass without entering the pores of the soil. As the grout mass expands, the surrounding soil displaces and wanders. When low-slump condensation grout is injected into granular sods, grout bulbs are formed that displace and condense the surrounding loose soil. Used to repair structures that have excessive disposal.

6.3. Displacement-Soil Fracture Grouting:

Soil fracture is a displacement grouting method in which a solution of cement clay and water is injected into the soil to freeze and excessive pressure to form root-like or skinny lens-shaped zone materials within the soil mass. The grout materials are unfolded across the grout gap which will increase the density of soil mass and its macroscopic strength.

6.4. Jet or Replacement-Displacement Grouting:

In this technique, a special grout pipe called a monitor that has high-speed jets of water or grout is used to erase and dig the soil. Then the monitor is retracted, sturdy impervious columns are formed by mixing the grout with the remaining soil.

6.5. Rock Fissure Grouting:

Rock Fissure Grouting is the use of a gap drilled by the fissures and joints of a rock mass, permitting the grout to be injected into close centers vertically and re-injected if needed. There is just one grouting mechanism for rock grating. The grout is injected under pressure through a grout gap drilled into the rock mass for treatment.

6.6. Tube-a-Machetes (TAM) Grouting:

Tube-a-Matches (TAM) grouting is the use of sleeve perforated pipes in grout holes, soils or completely decomposed rock, the grout will be injected into shut centers and re-injected if needed.


  1. Grouting can be done in any ground condition.
  2. It doesn’t produce any vibration and can be controlled; hence there is no chance for structural damage.
  3. Ground structure improvement can be measured
  4. Suitable for limited space and low headroom application
  5. Very useful for slab jacking which levels or lifts the deformed foundation.
  6. It can be done adjacent to an existing wall
  7. It helps to control groundwater flow, seepage and hazardous waste material type and its process.

Leaking can cause ongoing issues in the home. Beyond water damage to the interior, it can also affect electrical components, lighting, and insulation. Ideally, you want to use waterproofing as a preventative measure in place from the get-go, but if you think your concrete rooftop could be leaking or letting moisture in, it’s better to do waterproofing sooner rather than later. Why delay, when a solution could be as easy as contacting the waterproofing experts.

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