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The traditional mortar and pointing method of installing roofs has served builders in Singapore well over the years. However, the time has come for a change. Although it has aided the construction of countless beautiful buildings, mortar and pointing is no longer the industry gold standard.

Recently, an approach known as “dry fixed roofing” has made its way over from Europe. While we in Singapore are still in the early stages of adoption, the benefits are already becoming apparent. Faster, cheaper, and easier to maintain, dry fixed roofing offers advantages for commercial roofers and clients alike.

What Is Dry Fixed Roofing?

It’s an exciting time for Singapore’s commercial construction sector, as dry fixed roofing promises to improve efficiencies and cut costs. But what exactly is it?

Dry fixed roofing is a system of roof installation that creates an open ridge at the roof’s highest point. This open ridge facilitates a natural cooling passive system. In other words, it improves airflow through the use of in-built, above-sheathing ventilation. The result is minimal heat and condensation build-up in the building below.

They have been tested extensively against the elements, so the longevity of dry fixed roofs is assured. Plus, they’re quick and easy to install and can help to reduce costs, both during construction and further down the line. For these reasons and many more, they’re sure to be a boon to the commercial construction industry.

Why Does Commercial Roofing in Singapore Need to Change

There are plenty of reasons why the old approach to roofing needs to change. We mentioned some of them briefly above, but there are others for you to consider. Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact that dry fixed roofing is…

Easier to Install

It has already been said that dry fixed roof installation is simpler than the method used for mortar and pointing. But it’s not just that dry fixed roofs are slightly easier to install. The fact is that the process is so much more straightforward that installation takes less than half the time.

One reason is that the product is clean and dry, so installation produces very little mess. Another is the fact that dry fixed roofs can be installed in almost any weather condition. As such, delays are far less likely. Other than that, the design is intuitive and the materials easy to work with. Together, these benefits can save roofers hours of valuable time.

More Cost-Effective

Time isn’t the only thing commercial roofers can make the most of when they switch to dry fixed roofing. They can also save money with this innovative new approach. That’s because the cost of installation is lower than that of a traditional mortar roof. The combined savings of time and money means higher margins and happier customers.

Requires No Maintenance

One of dry fixed roofing’s most attractive USPs is the fact that it requires no maintenance after installation. That’s sure to appeal to the owners of large commercial buildings. So, when you make the switch, ensure you shout about this particular benefit. It will attract clients who want to avoid footing costly maintenance bills.

Prolongs the Life of the Roof

Since they reduce the severity of temperature fluctuations thanks to their in-built cooling passive systems, dry fixed roofs stay stronger for longer. If that wasn’t enough, they can also withstand movement more easily. So, your client won’t have to worry about wind and rain wreaking havoc with their roof.

To put it another way, they are less vulnerable to wear over time and, as such, last for many years.

Better for the Environment

More consumers than ever before are eco-conscious and plan to do business with more sustainable companies. Resultantly, commercial clients are increasingly concerned about their carbon footprint. So, let them know that you can lessen their environmental impact with dry fixed commercial roofing.

With in-built commercial roof ridge vents, controlling the temperature inside a building becomes much easier. Heat won’t get trapped and cause the place to warm up unnecessarily. So, business owners shouldn’t have to whack up the air conditioning to keep their clientele comfortable.

Reduces Energy Costs

As well as saving the planet, your clients can save on their energy bills with a commercial cool roof. Since they won’t have to rely so heavily on temperature control systems, they will naturally use less energy. In this way, dry fixed roofing can save your clients up to 5% on energy costs every year.

Global Best Practice

Dry fixed roofing is the way forward for Singapore roofers because it is the latest global best practice. For the reasons outlined above and many more, builders worldwide have embraced this new approach to roof installation. In doing so, they have been able to offer a faster, more cost-effective service and an end product that stands the test of time.

Why Dry Fixed Roofing Is the Future of Commercial Construction

Whether you offer commercial roofing in Singapore or your business is Singapore-based, now is the time to embrace dry fixed roofing. When you do, you won’t just benefit from all of the attractive advantages explored here. You also get the chance to pioneer a practice that is solidifying itself as the latest industry standard. In such a competitive industry, it pays to be ahead of the curve.

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