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The shower is the assembly that faces the most water management details in home construction. The penetration power of shower water is far greater than natural rain when soaps, oils, gels, and other surfactants are present. Water-management details, including sheet-applied membranes, are therefore crucial in a shower.   What You Need for Shower Waterproofing Using...
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Tilt-up Construction Joints are Typically Caulked Caulks usually fail over time, break open, and let water into the structure. Caulk failure may be evident by shrinkage of the sealant bead, delamination (caulk no longer adheres to the surface), cracking of the caulk bead, or powdering or dusting of the caulking surface. How to Create a...
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Epoxy and Polyurethane Resin Based Crack Repair Systems are the Superheroes of Concrete Crack Repair When you need to repair a crack in a concrete structure — such as a foundation or wall — from the inside (negative side) of the structure, there are typically two injection techniques and corresponding product technologies that you need...
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If you want to repair the cracks on your home’s walls or foundations, there are two different crack injection techniques available to you: high-pressure and low-pressure injection. Both techniques used by Foundation Crack Expert Group enable the quick and long-lasting repair of your foundations. High-pressure injection High-pressure injection involves inserting a liquid into a very narrow crack...
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